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Exercise 1 Worksheet: Features and Functions Table

Save this worksheet to your computer with the filename "Your_Name_Exercise_1."

Complete the table below comparing the Online Learning System (OLS) classroom with the New Classroom by doing the following:

Find the corresponding feature or function in New Classroom that most closely matches the one listed for OLS.

Explain how each feature or function influences your learning experience.

Submit the completed worksheet as an attachment via the Assignment tab.

OLS Feature or Function Which New Classroom feature or function most closely matches the OLS feature or function? How does this feature or function support your learning experience?
Main forum Class Home tab appears to be the closest thing to the old Main Forum. This helps with viewing the entire week, the assignments for today and all messages and learning activities. Since it’s all laid out for us all ready, this will assist with keeping up to date with everything that is expected of us.
Individual forum It appears that the Individual Forum is now located under the Discussions box in the Class Home Tab by clicking on the Private Messages. Having an individual forum allows you to speak one on one with your instructor about assignments and what ever else you may have questions about.
Syllabus There seems to be two places where the Syllabus feature is located. First, it is located in the weekly learning platform and second, it is located at the top of page where you can click on “Full Syllabus”. Adding this into each weekly learning platform will allow myself and many others the ability to see what is in the syllabus without constantly pulling it up every day/week. Also, still being able to click on full syllabus will assist with keeping track of what is expected of you throughout the entire course.
Threads Threads are located under the Class Activity tab in the Class Home section. If I’m correct about the location of threads, this makes it much easier because they appear on the main page when you first enter the course room.
Discussion Questions It appears that the Dischussion questions are located under the assignments and also under the Class Home-To Do This Week lists. For the discussions only, I don’t really see how this new set up is more or less helpful than the old one from the original class room setting. They’re both relatively easy to find but I prefer the old courseroom discussion questions and its location more than this new set up.…...

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