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The History of New Holland Worldwide

The history of New Holland dates back to October 1872 with the humble beginning of the New Holland Machine Works in a one person Farm-Equipment Repair Shop. No one paid much attention when a 26-year-old Machinist named Abraham Zimmerman opened a tiny repair shop at New Holland, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

The first machine build by Zimmerman was a small portable feed mill. Designated to be the no.1 mill it launched the New Holland Machine Works into the feed grinding business, from which, it has never departed.

Abraham Zimmerman decided to expand his little company by incorporation and selling stocks to his friends and customers.

In 1895, the New Holland Machine Works became the New Holland Machine Company, a name that would carry the firm to prominence in farm Equipment Company. During the next half century, New Holland introduced highly successful machines such as Balers, Rock Crushers, Limestone Pulverizers, Conveyors, Milling Machines, Engines, Coal, Furnaces and an early rotary Lawn Mower.

In 1947, New Holland Machine Company came under the ownership of Sperry Corporation; additional plants were acquired in Mountville, Belleville, Pennsylvania and Lancaster. The New Holland Machine Company was now poised to become the industry leader in grassland farming in next decade and brought 100 new products into the line, including Fertilizers spreaders, Farm wagons, crop dryers and crop drying fans.

In 1970 an exciting boldness characterized the company’s performance in the form of introduction of more than 150 new and improved products of world-class technology and also engineering breakthroughs.

In 1986, Ford Motor Company purchased Sperry New Holland and formed New Holland. It was a beginning of new era with Pennsylvania becoming the world headquarters of the new company and within a year Versatile Manufacturing Limited of Canada was acquired, adding to the company a highly respected line of horsepower four-wheel-drive-tractor.

New Holland Products now have a presence across 149 countries with 45 Manufacturing Plants and the 23rd plant in India.

NEW HOLLAND INDIA PLANT New Holland Fiat India is a 100% subsidiary of USD 15bn, CNH Global, which is the World’s largest Agricultural Equipments Company and the Leading manufacturer of Agricultural and construction equipment in the world. A majority owned subsidiary, of Fiat Group plant, spread across 60 acres in the Greater Noida District of Uttar Pradesh is the state-of-the-art plant with an initial investment of over Rs. 250 Crores, and is designed on the lines of New Holland’s international manufacturing facilities.

The company has focused its strength in agricultural mechanization to build a world-class tractor company in India. It’s rationale for investment in India to be driven primarily by its long involvement and in-depth understanding of the Indian agricultural industry. Last year it produced over 23,000 tractors in 35-75 Hp segment with over a 90 per cent indigenization. Not just India, tractors made by New Holland India have made their mark in the rest of the world. Today, completely built tractors, manufactured in its state-of-the-art Greater Noida plant are being exported to over 51countries in Asia, Africa and Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America and North America. A true testimony of the New Holland India quality, that the world admires.

The Worldwide Products of New Holland

Agricultural Equipment

 Row-Crop Tractors
 4WD Tractors
 Tillage
 Planting & Seeding
 Hay & Forage
 Harvesting
 Chemical/Fertilizer
 Applicators
 Material Handling
 Sugar Cane Systems
 Advanced Farming System

History of New Holland India May’95: JV with Escorts Tractor Broken. May’96: FIPB approval for 100% subsidiary company. May’96: Design and Engineering Center Inaugurated. Nov’96: Corporate Office becomes functional. Jan’97: “FORD” Genuine Tractor Part Launched from SPD office. Feb’97: 60 Acre of Plot acquired in Greater Noida. Jun’97: Fiat Engineering begins construction at the Plant. Apr’98: Launch of 70 HP Tractors (5630). Production in CKD Area. Oct’98: Commissioning of Main Line in the Plant. Mar’99: Launch of 50 HP Tractors (3630). Apr’01: Launch of 42 HP Tractors (3230) Mar’02: Launch of 35 HP Tractors (3030). Jul’03: Launch of Drive Line Export. Dec’03: Localization of four wheel drive Front Axle Support. Dec’03: Exported highest number of 70 HP tractors ever. Apr’04: Launch of PTO (Power Take Off) Assembly Export. Sep’04: Launching Final Drive Line (Planned). Aug’05: Launch of TT Side shift. Mar’06: Launch of TTC NAR. July’08: 1 Lakh tractor rolls out of this plant Dec’08: Launch of New Drive Line.

Corporate Structure

Section 1

New Holland Fiat India Pvt. Limited is one of the major tractor manufacturers in India. It has strong market presence in the, above 55 HP Tractors. Apart from that NHFI has a good presence in Farm equipment sector like Sugarcane Harvester, Tractor Loader Backhoe (TLB) etc.

-Technical Collaboration with market ldrs
-Emission Regulation Compliance

-No financial arm/tie up


-High demand for tractors in rural area
-Demand for advanced farming equipment THREATS

-Lack of ability of farmers to buy tractors
-Absence of central agricultural strategy…...

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