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New Campus Carry Laws

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Universities and College campus are a hot topic because every year they attract and house hundreds of thousands of not always quite mature teens and young adults. The perception is that the Campus Carry Law will not be very effective and could quite possibly back fire on innocent faculty and student body members, victimizing anyone who may come in contact with one of these radically violent individuals intent on harming people. (2015) Arrigo Bruce and Acheson Austin Contemporary Justice Review, Concealed carry bans and the America college Campus. Statistically numbers are down when looking back over the past couple decades. Since 1990 there have been 143 school shooting related instances and over 450 deaths and injuries. (2006) Norton Elia and Jennifer Ansier, USA Today, Behind the Bloodshed. The very fact any person could possibly be murdered or injured by another person at any moment in America has always been known and terrifies the majority of citizens. Like many Americans I have to ask, what we can do as a Nation, one unit, to better insure the public safety of every individual. To understand this problem we must go to the root. The American System and its five sets of institutions which ultimately control American way of life. The five institutions are legal, political, economic, educational and sociocultural. All of which too often combine to leave our efforts short of progression.
The issue with gun laws and the legal system have to do with the loop holes and corruption among the producers, sellers and buyers of guns. There are no laws to stop people with mental illnesses from purchasing a weapon unless they involuntarily found themselves receiving psychiatric help. Gun laws are weak and often over looked in the screening process. The Gun stores can legally sell a fire arm without a back ground check being cleared if the FBI does not…...

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