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Making Your Own Nest Box

A nest box is a man-made box made for animals, such as bird, to nest in. Though it is rare in Thailand, nest box can be found normally in the western culture. Nest boxes are most frequently utilised for wild and domesticated birds, in which case they are also called birdhouses, but some mammalian species, such as bat, may also use them. Nest boxes are small and easy to take care of while attracting many birds. Birdwatchers often use them to lure birds into their private land for mark and recapture tracking.

Materials and equipments need: 1. 1.5m x 15cm x 1.25cm piece of untreated, sawn timber 2. 20cm x 2.5cm nails 3. 3cm x 2.5cm self-tapping screws 4. Drill and 25mm, 28mm or 32mm wood drill bit 5. Wood saw 6. Sandpaper 7. Hammer 8. Screw driver 9. Tape measure 10. Pencil 11. Wood preserver, paint (optional)

Instruction: 1. Measure the timber with the tape measure and draw the lines with the pencil for the nest box into 6 sections using the following measurements: a. Back panel 45cm x 15cm b. Base 11cm x 15cm c. Front 20cm x 15cm d. Roof 21cm x 15cm e. Two side panels for a sloping roof, 25cm high on back x 20cm high at the front 2. Cut the wood along the pencil lines using a wood saw. 3. Sand down all the rough edges with a sandpaper to protect the birds 4. Nail one of the side panels to the base panel. f. Hammer gently to avoid splitting the wood. 5. Then nail them both 10cm up from the bottom of the back panel. The longest side of the side panel should be nailed to the back panel 6. Turn the box over so that the fixed side is lay down. 7. Nail the other side panel to the base and back panels. 8. On the front panel, before fix it to the box; make an entrance hole for the birds. 9. Using the wood drill bit to make an entrance hole. g. The circumference of the hole will attract different kind of birds. 10. Sand the edges of the hole with a sand paper. 11. Place the box on its back and nail the front to the sides. h. Pieces should fit together without gaps. 12. Use the self-tapping screws to fix the roof to the slides and the front panels. i. This will allow you to remove the top to clean the box out. 13. Drill a hole in the top of the bird box and attach it to a tree using a screw.

Other: 1. Don't apply wood preservative, or paint near the entrance hole of the box because birds will peck there to make sure the box is safe. 2. Apply wood preservative and colouring on other areas is optional. 3. Entrance hole’s size, placing height, and location need to be study separately.…...

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