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Module: Negotiation 1 (7FFLA572)
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Confidential Instructions for Ricardo Kaka, Agent for Cristiano
You are the founder of one the biggest professional sports agencies in the world. You grew up in the back streets of Porto, Portugal and through hard work made it to Harvard Law School, where you specialized in sports law. While studying at Harvard you became extensively involved in the Harvard Negotiation Project thereby excelling at conflict resolution and negotiation. Armed with this knowledge you went back and applied it where it truly interested you-football. With determination and relentless resolve you became a much sought after football agent. In fact the media started labeling you and some others as ‘super-agents’ because of your ability to find raw talent from South America and Portugal and get them to the promise land (‘big clubs’ and ‘big bucks’).

In 2009 your attention was brought to Cristiano, a truly world-class football player from Brazil with enormous potential. Using your connections, ability to speak the language and the fact that Cristiano, like you hailed from a modest background you signed him as a client. From a young age Cristiano has been playing football at the highest level, hence you engineered one of your greatest moves, which saw him transfer from his local Brazilian league to the big leagues of Europe. Success has followed him wherever he has gone and recently he became one of the most sought after strikers in the modern game.

Real Madrid are Spain’s most successful club, however recently over the last 4-5 years they have been over shadowed by their arch rivals FC Barcelona. This has not gone down well with the Madristas, who have sought to cure the situation by investing enormous amounts of money in their…...

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