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“Why not use Standard English all the time?”

Standard English is the most influential and important in terms of how society operates. It is the benchmark that other “varieties” of English measure itself against and the dialect promoted in schools, recorded in dictionaries and grammar texts. In terms of influence, it’s also used in powerful areas such as law, government and media. Standard English allows society to form an effective way to communicate between people and communities that have a different way of speaking. Attitudes toward the use of Standard and non-Standard English varies depending on upbringing, culture and subjectiveness. Due to the advancements in technology, many people have shifted from using Standard to non-Standard because the rules and grammar are more flexible making it easier to use. It’s no surprise this is happening, as Standard English is not easy to learn and use. ***

Body Paragraph 1
The most significant variety of English is Standard English. * history of the British empire * effective way of communicating

Body Paragraph 2
Standard English is used as a benchmark. * used in dictionaries, etc. * prescriptivism

Body Paragraph 3
Standard English is optional and should remain this way in means of communication. * difficulty of Standard English * tends to be more applicable to written language * flexibility of rules and grammar…...

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