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Defining the National Library Building Project
The project must be specific. Being specific includes detailing out the project's structure, goals, benefits, milestones and costs. When building NLB there was a structure goal that it is to become an independent Library in Singapore. The benefits is that to provide public access to the Library resources and materials to provide references for local scholar and local students so that they can access and borrow books. The milestones of the NLB is it was developed during 19th century. The project was completed and came to effect on 1st April 1958. In 1994: Dr Christopher Chia become the first CEO and NLB Board formation was started Reference section was opened in 1996.The cost build NLB was 203 million estimated. It is located in bugis, Singapore and it is a 16-stoery building. Measurable The project must be measurable in terms of its benefits and achievements. There should be tangible, intangible as well as in terms of monetary benefits. It has benefited local scholars by having a reference library. It has been very useful for students where they could access estimation of six million books. It has been a reliable library for many local students and it provide tangible trusted reference services. It has become a well-known knowledge institution in the people's mind. It has achieved 2nd place in Asian Libraries website competition. NLB also won National IT award for innovative use of IT in 1998. In 2005, NLB was awarded the prestigious gold award for "Public Sector Department of the Year". NLB was awarded CCH Asia award for the best change Management Practices in 2006. In 2009, NLB was awarded the service excellence award reward of innovation class and green marks platinum award. NLB is also the winner of people excellence in 2010.
The project will be meaningful if it is achievable and realistic. Too ambitious in planning for the project will not be helpful and result in unachievable status. The NLB project is to provide a trusted, accessible, globalized library in Singapore. It plan to achieve to provide users to access rich array of information service and resources which can be conveniently accessible and relevant. It aim is to be preserved making accessible and publishing heritage of the Singapore.
The project needs to bring relevant benefits to the entity concerned. It should have benefit to the certain entity and stakeholders. The NLB signed with an agreement to digitise Times to achieve digitised achievable content in 2007. It has signed on MON in 2008 with KL city library. NLB hosted the IFLA advertisement newspaper conference in 2008. In 2010, Marriage Central landed their second resource point at woodland national library. Two memorandum of understanding was signed with Kent Ridge Digital Labs and British Library.
Time Bound The final ingredient to ensure that becomes clearly defined is that it should have a time bound. It means project should have a time duration from the planning till developing NLB took 7 years to complete its project. In 1998, the NLB was moved to Bugis and reintroduced to the public. It had been upgrading the library from 1998 to 2005.Swan and Maclaven architects were awarded to build and renovate the NLB in 1999. The NLB was reopened to public in 2005, totally holding 634,000 items across a floor area of more than 58,000 sqm.…...

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