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Myer Briggs Assignment

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Myers-Briggs assignment

Myers-Briggs assignment

My type on this assignment was the ESFP, Extraverted- Sensing- Feeling -Perceiving. The analysis of my formula type is that I am a slightly expressed extravert, moderately expressed sensing personality, distinctively expressed feeling personality and slightly expressed perceiving personality. According the results I love people, excitement, telling stories and having fun. This is very accurate about my personality. I love to be around people and am always looking for something exciting and fun to do. In general I love to have fun. One of the things the article I read said about ESFPs is that they are attracted to new ideas and new fashions and gadgets… I don’t see that so much in myself. However, it also says that ESFPs love to tell colorful stories and I definitely do that. I have the tendency to make an otherwise boring event turn to something very interesting. I do love to talk, which is another quality, but I am also a good listener.
As far as the functional Analysis, the introverted feeling interest me greatly. I often have trouble making decisions as to what to say and when to say. I have feelings of what could happen or who might be hurt if I say or do certain things. I often weigh out my actions before I say or do them. I am a caretaker and try my hardest not to hurt anyone’s feelings or cause unnecessary harm.
Next, I would say the extraverted sensing part of my personality also interest me. I definitely live for excitement. If I don’t think it’s going to harm anyone, I may go to an extreme to have fun or help someone. I love trying new things and having the rush of excitement, and that embarrassing funny moment that often comes with the spur of the moment actions. I don’t really think so much about what can go wrong but what can go right. I love to go to the…...

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