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My Ride on the Bus

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My ride to high school was the worst experience ever. Never again will the PVTA bus be my transportation to high school. There will always be people who will ruin your experience when you wait for the bus, ride in the bus, and exiting out the bus. Regardless of how many miles it is from to home. Walking would be a better transportation than taking the bus.
Walking to the bus stop was the easiest thing to do, but when it comes to waiting for the bus, there will be problems that will surface. Once I arrive to the bus stop, I find myself repeatedly checking the time on my phone to notice that the bus is ten minutes late like always. People around me waiting for the bus start complaining how late the bus is, you keep telling yourself that any moment that bus should pull up any minute now; however, as those minutes that pass by, no sign of the bus coming. The sound of a lighter igniting really puts me in an uncomfortable state when hearing the flick sound three times, and seeing the person lighting his cigarette up like a birthday candle. Then proceeds to inhale the cigarette, finally exhaling the fumes that looks like a poisonous cloud that looked like death. The worst part about it is that the poisonous cloud was coming after me like if it sense my fear. The cigarette fumes hits me when inhaling the toxins; in addition, making me feel sick like if lung cancer was not my worries before the bus comes. Thoughts began to enter in my head like lightning saying stuff like “Why do you have to smoke there!” and “Do you know there are people around you that do not like the smell of cigarettes, smoke somewhere!” After rambling to myself, what felt like forever, the bus pulls up to the stop with an overcrowded number of people inside of it. Seeing all those people inside the bus, made me think that this was not going to be a good day for me.
As the bus door opens, there was…...

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