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My First Week

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Student: Ximena N. Castillo
Course Name: MAR 1011. Principles of Marketing
Instructor: Osvaldo J. Sanchez

Describe the two philosophies regarding what principle should guide companies and marketing managers on issues of ethics and social responsibility.

To describe the two philosophies regarding what principles should guide companies and their marketing managers and issues of ethics and social responsibility is to first understand what is ethics in business and socially responsible marketing.
One philosophy believes that the free market and the legal system should decide such issues of ethics in social responsibility.
The American Marketing Association has created a statement of ethics that governs marketer’s actions. The introduction to the statement basically as a whole state that the values represent a collection of ideas of desirable and morally correct conduct. These values that are outlined in said document are to be utilized as the standard by which individuals should measure their own actions and those of other included marketers and representatives. These values are to assist in the best practices when transacting business with the public and all parties involved.
There are six ethical values the marketers expected to uphold: 1. Honesty- This means being upfront and forthright in dealings with the public and offering value and integrity. 2. Responsibility- This means, willing to accept the consequences of the marketing practices and serving the needs of every type of customer and respecting the environment. 3. Fairness- This means, and should result in a balance between the buyers needs and the sellers interest and benefiting both parties resulting in satisfaction for everyone. This should be void of any manipulation of any form while protecting customer information. 4. Respect – This means, understanding and…...

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