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Murderer on the Galch

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Murderer on the Galch
The following documents were found by Police Chief Inspector Morgan in the North Wales Hospital after the killings in Denbigh Hospital. They will be submitted to the Welsh high courts for consideration.


ESTIMATED DATE OF DEATH: 18/7/1951 – 20/7/1951.
POSSIBLE CAUSES OF DEATH: Severe head trauma, punctured left lung, major blood loss from ruptured pulmonary vein, several gashes in lower torso noted, indicating a knife attack or another form of sharp object used.
OTHER INJURIES: large amounts of bruising found in anal cavity– indicator of a violent rape attack, some parts of body found in a rapidly decomposed state where some of the skin had been stripped from the body (flesh exposure to oxygen).
(Note: Many similarities in state of victims and same places of death as cases DPS_0756 - DPS_0764).
All trace evidence matches with the pre-mentioned cases – all DNA & semen traces found match.
(EXTRA) Was looking through the tissue and semen samples found from cases DPS 0756-0765, found a possible DNA match with a pre-convicted criminal - Anfri Anwyl? Once convicted on suspicion of an aggravated assault on another male, but was never charged with it.
Will alert police to this issue A.S.A.P.

12PM – 24/7/1951 – Denbigh Police Station – Report by Superintendent Dillon Prosser

PC LLEWELLYN has found a suspect in the famed ‘Galch Murders’. The man was reported to have been lying unconscious in a large rain puddle at the foot of Galch Hill, wearing a torn pair of brown trousers and a muddied t-shirt that had visible traces of blood on it. He was described as being approximately 5 foot 10 and of a slim build, roughly in his late 20s/early 30s. The man’s face was smeared with blood and grime, and when PC Llewellyn awakened the man he was reportedly of a nervous disposition, frequently looking over his shoulder and twitching when spoken to.

Page 1 Word Count: 375 words
The man – now known to be past offender 25 year old Anfri Anwyl - confessed to the murders as soon as they were mentioned, and due to the nature of his first interaction with a police officer will be subject to a psychiatric assessment closer to the date of his trial.

DR SPEAKE’s analysis

Anfri Anwyl has been submitted to me for a forensic assessment after his conviction of the murders on Galch Hill. The following is the result of my assessment of him.

After speaking with the defendant Anfri Anwyl (more ‘attempting to speak with him’), I have decided that he is not fit to stand trial. The defendant appears to be in a constant state of nervous depression, always twitching and being close to tears whenever he makes an utterance, occasionally stopping and beginning uncontrollable bouts of laughter. Many symptoms of a severe Delusional Disorder found upon examination.

Research into his childhood has found a possible cause for his obvious insanity and strange obsession with raping other males. As a child, his father - Dee Anwyl – systematically sexually abused him from approximately 7 years old until his death when Anfri was 15. The psychological stress exerted on the boy from this would cause young Anfri would lead to his misguided conception that rape is the norm, his views of the acceptability of sustained sexual abuse, and would craft this young child into a deluded individual who lacks the ability to distinguish between right and wrong.

The incentives to murder could also be linked into his episodes as a child. When his father used to engage in these sexually abusive acts with him, he would frequently threaten Anfri with death and other acts of violence; and I have deduced that this would have crafted Anfri’s beliefs with regards to his aggression and the overly violent nature in which he carried out his crimes.
It is from these observations that I am testifying in Anfri Anwyl’s court case and using this evidence to tell the court that he is not fit to stand trial and we will plead not guilty by means of insanity and push to have him relocated to the North Wales Hospital.

Dr Brigstocke’s clinical assessment of Anfri Anwyl

Page 2 Word Count: 363 words
Anfri Anwyl is a very withdrawn character, who, since his arrival at the Hospital on Monday, has not spoken a single word to any of the nurses or doctors within the complex. He is often caught staring intensely at the other male patients and making crude drawings in his room (may be a cause for concern if this continues or intensifies in any way).

The individual clearly has some type of severe sexual delusions. Many would find it difficult to understand how sexual gratification can be associated with pain and violence: the gouging out of eyes or mutilation of genitals; but to Anfri Anwyl this is the greatest source of pleasure for him.

Will have to carry out clinical psychiatric assessments once or twice a week (depending on the results of the examinations) and if his strange behaviour continues we may need to move him to a more secure area for his and the other patients’ safety.

Drug administrations are to be carried out every day at 6 AM and 10 PM. Ignore any requests for extra doses from patients; nurses should only do so on the commands of the ward doctor.


Anfri Anwyl is becoming increasingly agitated, may have to resort to the use of sedatives in future.

Bizarre activities increasing recently; yesterday he was caught following another patient around the ward, and when approached he refused to answer any of the nurses’ questions – had to be escorted back to his bed and given his medication early to calm him down.

We will let him stay in this ward, but if he causes any harm to anyone else he will be moved to a maximum security ward and be constantly monitored every day.


Dr Brigstocke’s notes – Death of Patient Griffin Brace

Griffin Brace, a male patient from Anfri Anwyl’s ward was found deceased by two nurses yesterday. After he didn’t return from his night-time wash on time; nurses and doctors started to search the whole ward. He was found stripped in the corner of the shower room facing towards the wall, and when he was turned around his injuries were that of an Anfri Anwyl attack, the only difference being a hastily done pentagram sliced into his stomach (why?). Anwyl is the only suspect and he will be moved to a high security ward as soon as possible.

NOTICE TO ALL Nurses from WARD 26 – RE: Death of Griffin Brace/relocation of Anfri Anwyl

Page 3 Word Count: 416 words
MESSAGE FROM DR BRIGSTOCKE: Approach Anfri Anwyl with extreme care. Make sure that whenever you visit his bed you go in pairs or preferably groups of 3. When he is ready for his medications give him the sedative I have provided you all with, and then alert the front desk – they will tell you when the right time to relocate him is.

Exercise extreme caution when around him, a police unit will be stationed in room 85 to take control if things get out of hand.

Dr Brigstocke’s Diary

In the short time that he has spent in solitary confinement after his killing of another patient (predictably a male), Anfri’s mental state has deteriorated at a spectacular rate. He has now become obsessed with a ‘supernatural’ being that he calls “Luther” who has apparently visited him in the room and told him he is going to kill him. However, from our surveillance we have seen no such goings-on and are sure that this is another symptom of his rare Delusional Disorder. We have removed all sharp objects or any other types of paraphernalia he could use to cause any harm to himself, and are preparing to step up medications in a bid to stop him from deteriorating any further into insanity.

Reports of unearthly screaming coming out of Anwyl’s cell coming from the nurses - whenever they visit him he always references the mysterious “Luther” character, and no amount of medication is sufficient to calm him down. Will have to speak to the other head nurses and doctors to try and find a solution to his issues. Signs of gnawing on his wrists as if he has tried to bite his own hands off. We are contemplating sedating him constantly until we have found the root cause for all this uproar.

We have found a possible reason for his supernatural ramblings in his cell. His father Dee Anwyl was colloquially known to friends and a few family members as “Luther”, and after an interview with Anfri’s mother we have established that when the sexual abuse occurred Dee would often make references to his nickname and would scream it in Anfri’s face. The reason why Anfri has only started rambling recently about this “Luther” is beyond my comprehension, but with the help of the other doctors I’m sure we can find the root cause for this.

Anfri was found in a state of sheer bewilderment last night, his bed had been completely overturned and the sheets were covered in his blood, as he was bleeding heavily through an extended gash in his forehead but surveillance footage reveals that he did not open it himself in any way, but it seemed to mysteriously open by itself. We will have to look very closely into this, as this is becoming a major cause for concern amongst the staff within the hospital.

Page 4 Word Count: 475 words
Anfri Anwyl died last night. Surveillance was appropriated and a repeated loop of him sleeping was shown (which was not out of the ordinary, he spent the majority of his days asleep), and it was only when those almost routine cries and screams from his cell ceased to exist did anyone suspect that something may be wrong. When we entered he was lying face down on his bed, naked, with the bed sheets covering most of the upper part of his torso. There were no signs whatsoever of a forced entry into the room. When we removed the sheet, several nurses were violently sick. He had been decapitated quite cleanly and the skin was removed from his shoulder and chest regions. We looked under his bed and noticed a rather large jar containing his head stashed there. The head inside the jar had been severed neatly close beneath the jaw, and looked like it had taken an extremely long time to remove. Unnervingly, there are screams still coming from the now empty room…

I have locked myself in room 120 for the time being. All of the staff are dead (I presume so anyway) and I have the feeling that I am next. I’ve had no sleep for the past week; the screaming outside the room is too much for me to bear. Even in the intervening silences I hear an otherworldly voice whispering my name and I am just not able to keep my eyes off the barricaded door across from me, even as I type this. I’ve run out of water and food, so even if this thing that is haunting me doesn’t get me, malnutrition definitely will. My body feels so weak and the banging at the door is growing louder, I’m not sure how much longer [END OF DOCUMENT]

Page 5 Word Count: 295 words
Total: 1924 words
The preceding is everything that was found from Denbigh Hospital. In total 26 bodies were found; Anfri Anwyl’s and Dr Joseph Brigstocke’s bodies were never recovered.…...

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