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Murdered Journalists

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There are countries all around the world that try every day to ban new articles, or anything that will make the country have a new view of world. English language engages people all around the world, because the English media always have news that covers the problems of the world, something that your local news wouldn’t do. Some countries like Russia and North-Korea, whom has conservative ideas, will never allow their country to witness anything close to liberalism.

Now days, every news website will have two or more articles about how some government is overthrown by demonstration. And that is something any dictator fears the most, especially those that keep their people blind from the outside world. That’s why Russian political activist like, Alexei Navalny, is always escorted out by the police when he tries to speak to Russia about his political views, which is not different from western-politic.

North-North is one country that doesn’t play around. Everything from censorship to execution, you name it they’ve done it and still practice it. They’ll do anything to have big wall around North-Korea that separates them from other countries. It is a serious criminal offence to have a radio or television that has broadcasts from outside of North Korea All media are strictly owned and controlled by the North Korean government. And also, all media in North Korea gets its news from the Korean Central News Agency. The media dedicates a most of its resources toward political propaganda and idolizing the dictator of North-Korea, Kim Jong-un. So you can say some of the citizens’ are brainwashed or too scared to say anything about it.

If the English media isn’t so powerful, then why would powerful countries fear it?
It was until 2009, when the record of journalist killed and this was a cause of a politically motivated massacre in the Philippines, w here 29 were killed,…...

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