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Use the following diagram to answer questions 1-14.

Write the letter from the diagram that best corresponds to each statement:

1. This substance is being heated or cooled? _________________________

2. How many states of matter are represented in this graph? ________

3. How many changes of state are present in this graph? ________

4. What letter represents the temperature at the Melting Point (mp) of this substance? ________

5. During what segments does the graph show no increase in kinetic energy (motion), but there is increasing potential energy? ____________

6. During what segments does the graph show increasing kinetic energy (motion)? ____________

7. The substance is all liquid in what segment? ________

8. The substance is all gas in what segment? _______

9. The substance is all solid in what segment? _______

10. The substance is both liquid and a gas… and energy is being used by atoms/molecules to leave the liquid and become gaseous in what segment? _________

11. In what state of matter is the substance during segment a? (note: no plasma phase shown)_________________

12. Which segment represents the point at which a solid is turning into a liquid? ______

13. In what state of matter is the substance during segment e? _________________________________________

14. What term do we use for what the substance is doing during segment d? _____________________.

Use the following diagram to answer questions 15-25.

15. Is heat being added or removed from this substance? ________________

16. Which segment represents the point…...

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