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Move over Baseball, Football Is America’s New National Pastime

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Move over Baseball, Football is America’s New National Pastime

The argument over which sport actually ranks as America’s national pastime is as enduring and intense as American sports themselves. Each and every week millions of Americans tune in to watch their favorite sports. Over the years baseball has traditionally been known as the national pastime among all sports, but the rich tradition and history behind baseball is almost certainly being slowly replaced by the glamour of football season. Although baseball is still referred to as America’s national pastime, football is by far the most popular sport in this country today. This can be attributed to many factors including a superior television product, more controlled violence, and legalized gambling with fantasy football. Keywords: national, pastime, football, baseball, sports, television, violence, gambling

Move over Baseball, Football is America’s New National Pastime
Each and every week millions of Americans tune in to watch their favorite sports. Basketball, baseball, football, golf, soccer, and racing all have a place and a market with the sports fans in America. Over the years baseball has traditionally been known as the national pastime among all sports, but the rich tradition and history behind baseball is being slowly replaced by the glamour of football season. Over the past two decades, baseball has been left behind while football has become America’s new national pastime (Gramling, 2010, p. 48, para. 1). According to Steve Rushin, a respected writer for Sports Illustrated, “to say football has displaced baseball as the national pastime is laughably inadequate, like saying that TV has edged quilting as a popular diversion” (2002, p. 21, para. 6). Although baseball is still referred to as America’s national pastime, football is by far the most popular sport in this country…...

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