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Mother Role in Family

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in order to have a smooth movement of traffic on the roads, the traffic rules are made by the traffic police. These rules are meant to be followed to the last word by each and every individual moving on the roads, and becoming a part of the traffic.
It is necessary to have rules for the road, but it is still more important for all of us to follow the set of rules. Once an individual is on the road, it is absolutely compulsory for him/her to follow the rules, and that also explicitly.
We have just got to follow rules because, without following them there will be absolute chaos and confusion on the road, and no one will be able to move about. This chaos would lead not only to delays in movements but would also lead to struggles and even accidents.
When, for example we are supposed to cross the road from the zebra crossing, we must make sure that we do so, for, if we cross from elsewhere, there is a chance that we meet with an accident. If we jump a red light we are putting ourselves to danger and are inviting trouble with the possibility of an accident.
Thus, rules must be followed for maintaining discipline on the roads, and above all for our own safety. It is in our own interest that, when on the road, we follow the road traffic rules to the last word. The rules are there to keep us safe, and following them is in our own interest.
When we break the rules we are inviting trouble to ourselves and doing no harm to any one else.
The traffic rules in India are as strict as they are anywhere else in the world. However, the difference between the rules outside India and the rules in India is basically just one. That is the rules in foreign countries are followed, and here in India they are broken day in and day out.
Besides having more or less the same rules, over here we Indians have an instinct to break all laws and rules. That instinct is so very vivid on the…...

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