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Organization as machine – this imagery from our industrial past continues to cast a long shadow over the way we think about management today. It isn’t the only deeply-held and rarely examined notion that affects how organizations are run. Managers still assume that stability is the normal state of affairs and change is the unusual state (a point I particularly challenge in The End of Competitive Advantage). Organizations still emphasize exploitation of existing advantages, driving a short-term orientation that many bemoan. (Short-term thinking has been charged with no less than a chronic decline in innovation capability by Clayton Christensen who termed it “the Capitalist’s Dilemma.”) Corporations continue to focus too narrowly on shareholders, with terrible consequences – even at great companies like IBM.But even as these old ideas remain in use (and indeed, are still taught), management as it is practiced by the most thoughtful executives evolves. Building on ideas from my colleague Ian MacMillan, I’d propose that we’ve seen three “ages” of management since the industrial revolution, with each putting the emphasis on a different theme: execution, expertise, and empathy.Prior to the industrial revolution, of course, there wasn’t much “management” at all – meaning, anyone other than the owner of an enterprise handling tasks such as coordination, planning, controlling, rewarding, and resource allocation. Beyond a few kinds of organization – the church, the military, a smattering of large trading, construction, and agricultural endeavors (many unfortunately based on slave labor) – little existed that we would recognize as managerial practice. Only glimmers of what was to come showed up in the work of thinkers such as Adam Smith, with his insight that the division of labor would increase productivity.With the rise of the industrial revolution, that changed. Along with…...

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... MBA (HR) CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION This is to certify that Khushbu dayal of MBA-III Session 2009-2011 of ICL Institute of Engineering and Technology has completed her summer training project titled “Manpower planning of employees at HMT Ltd, Tractor Business Group, Pinjore’’. I approve the project for submission. Mr Pawan Verma (HOD) TABLE OF CONTENTS Sr.No. CONTENTS 1 Acknowledgement 2 Preface 3 Declaration 4 Certificate of Completion 5 Introduction: HR Overview 6 Industry Profile 7 Organization Profile 8 Manpower planning in HMT 10 Research Methodology 11 Findings and Analysis 12 Suggestions 13 Annexure Bibliography HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT INTRODUCTION HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT(HRM),though a new nomenclature as a field of study in today’s context ,existed in some form with the evolution of human organization . however, its systematic study started with the development of the field of management in the beginning 20th century .it has followed the development pattern of management . this has evolved out of different term such as personnel management , personnel administration, staff management , manpower management, labour relation, industrial relation , and lately some expert have coined new term......

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