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Netflix’s expenses are surpassing their revenues. This may be due to some of their strategies which entail a lot of expenses.


To build the world’s best internet movie service & deliver a growing subscriber base & earning per share every year.


* The world’s largest online subscription service for renting DVD’s

* Because of the continuous innovation with technology, more consumers are gaining access to the internet. This would mean that there would be more demands online than purchasing from retail stores for their convenience.

* Video on demand (VOD), which is streaming videos into devices, is fast-growing.

* Netflix has established strong ties with various entertainment video providers. They acquire new contents through direct purchases, revenue sharing and licensing. Netflix has obtained a lot of materials for a low up-front fee in exchange for a commitment for a certain period either to share a percentage of its subscription revenues or to pay a fee based on content utilization. After the revenue sharing period expired for a title, Netflix had the option returning the title to the studio, purchasing the title or destroying the copies.

* They purchased DVDs for a fixed fee per discs. They generally had to pay the licensing fee of the content for a certain period.

* Netflix’s losses on disposal of used DVDs ranged between $2 and 7$ million annually.

* Netflix used numerous ways to market and advertise about the company. They have used online advertising, radio stations, and direct mail and print ads. And through the years, they have boosted the marketing expenditure from $26 million in the year 2000 to $142 million in the year 2005.

STENGTHS * Affordable subscription rates * Strong brand recognition and customer loyalty * Continuous improvement with service…...

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