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Fusuma(襖): Fusuma are vertical rectangle panels which can slide from side to side to redefine spaces within a room, or act as doors
Byobu (屏风):Byobu are Japanese folding screen made from several joined panels, bearing decorative painting and calligraphy, used to separate interiors and enclose priate spaces, among other uses.
Kakejiku(掛軸) Kakemono((掛物): They are hanging scrolls that Japanese painting or ccalligraphy mounted on, usually with silk fabric edges on a flexible backing. When not on display, both of them are kept rolled up in a box
Emakimono(绘卷):It is usually called emaki, it is a horizontal, illustrated narrative form created during 11th to 16th japan, which both countain text and pictures * ID in chronical order
Lecture 1 (1) Jomon- Yayoi- Kofun period (绳文时代,弥生时代,古坟时代) 1. The three imperial regalias:three sacred treasures(三神器)
Consist the sword kusanagi (草雉剑, susano-o-no-mikoto须佐之男斩蛇之剑), the mirror yata no kagami (八尺镜, the mirror god used to entice amaterasu out.)and the jewel yasakani no magatama (八尺优勾玉),which represented the three primary virtues: Valor, wisdom and benevolence, as well as the legitimacy of Japanese imperial heritage
Jomon period(绳文时代):
The time in prehistoric japan from about 12000 bc to 200 bc, during this period, japan experienced the agricultural revolution and developed a highly organized sophisticated social organization. It also give birth to Kaenodoki(火焰土器), Dogu(土偶)

Kaenodoki: flame wares, inpractical vessel that indicate its function as a religious tool
Dogu(土偶): Dogu are small humanoid and animal figurines made during the late jomon period. It is come exclusively from the jomon period. Its use is still unknown. But there are multiple theory that indicate they are talisman for good health or socery
Kanamara(matsuri, 铁男根祭):It means phallus, which is a tradition festival in japan that centered on a local penis venerating shrine. It offers divine protection for business and for the clan’s prosperity

Yayoi-Kofun (弥生-古坟时代)
Central concept of kingship, spirituality, place and identity as emergent in an agricultural-militarist society. origin of creation of Japanese creationism myth
Yayoi: It is an iron age era in Jpan dated 300c to ad 300. During this period, the technology of using iron and bronze have been introduced to Japan, as well as the intensive rice agricultural in paddy fields. It also created a hierarchial social class structure as well as the tribe system that deeply defined the religious belief of Shintoism.
Uji(氏):It is Japanese kin groups in Kofun period, which represented social, economical and poltical units. It also had religious significance.
Kami: its means god, which is the spirits or phenomena that are worshipped in the religion of Shinto. Originally it is bound to villages and clans
Amaterasu Omikami(天照大神): the sun goddness, who is the Kami of Yamatai clan. Ningi(瓊瓊杵尊) is her grandson, who subdues earth deities, and his grandson, Jimmu(神武天皇), is the first human emperor of Yamato clan, who lead the clan to seize the central power in Yamato plain.
Ōkuninushi(大国主): the original ruler of Izumo

(ex)Nihonshoki(日本书纪): The chronicles of Japan, it is the oldest book of classical Japanese history. It include the most complete extan historical record of ancient Japan. It started from Japanese creation myth, and countine its account through to vents of the 8th century
Kojiki(古事记): It is the oldes extant chronicle in japan dating from early 8 century. It is a collection of myths and acoounted the word Shinto for the first time. It tried to legitimize the ruling line through its mythology.
Iwakura(岩仓):granary, a raised storehouse, a simple, thatched deeply gable rookfed rectangular building, which have similar structure in southern china. It ususally contained the lifehood of a settlement. It also have a religious function, which regarded by shaman that it is the site of Kami residence. Largest building in the villiege, even it had a practical function, it eventually become a ritual architecture.
Dotaku(銅鐸): Japanese bells smelted from relatively thin bronze and richly decorated, it obtain certain ritual meaning. It demonstrated many historical sigificience, which include the material of bronze ( evidence of technological advance). Its ornament: rows of horizontal , it is usually appeared in Iwakura.
Ise jingo(伊势神宫): it is the most important Shinto shrine, enshrines the sun goddess, te ancestor deity of japan’s imperial family. It is located in city of Ise
Naiku (内宫?)
Uji bridge(宇治桥): a bridge to the inner shrine, which indicate by crossing the bridge, one’s mind and heat will be purified
Torii gate(鸟居): a traditional Japanese gate that most commonly found at the entrance of or within a Shinto shrine. It is ritual gateway that marking the division between sacred space and ordinary space.
Izumo Taisha(出云大社):
Kamakura period(镰仓时代, 1185-1333) a period of Japanese history that marks the governance by the kamakura shogunate and the emergence of samurai, as well as the establishment of feudalism in Japan
Kufun period(3-6 ad): earliest era that Japanese history were recorded
Chokkomon. Decorative drawings believed to have magical properties, painted or engraved on objects and sarcophagi during the Kofun period. 圆镜,abstract geometric pattern
Kofun: ancient grave during the Kofun period, it symbolized the centralize authority of Yamato state. The nitoku kufun is one of the most famous and the biggest
Haniwa: it is a earthenware ceramic, coil or slab construction on top of Kofun that usually put directly deceased, 埴輪
Magatama(勾玉):Comma-shaped “jewels”, they have been linked to Shamanistic practices common to the entire region and one of the three sacred treasured
Lecture 3
Asuka-Nara period--- the catalytic for classic culture
Asuka period飞鸟时代500ad – 800 ad:arrival of buddahism, reformation based on Confucianism reform (taika reform), consolidation of imperial rule
Takamatsu tomb高松塚古墳: it is built sometime between 7 century during the Asuka period,it illustrated the influence of Chinese culture and cosmology during that period. Taoist tomb, it is.
Shotoku taishi(圣德太子): a semi-legendary regent and politician during the early Asuka period. The primary accomplishment of him is the nihon shoki, which introduced Confucianism bureaucratic system and political ideology into Japan. He also played a important role on the expanision of Buddhism in Japan Amitabha Triad: a celestial Buddha in Mahayana Buddhism (大乘佛教) and the principal Buddha in pure land Buddhism
Shakayamuni(shaka,释迦摩尼):founder of Buddhism
How to tell a Buddha: Ushnisha--- protruding bump on the head, mandorla: halo, elongated: pierced ear lobes
Kannon: 观音, Buddha of compassion, buddha to be
Miroku (Maitreya): 弥勒, pensive prince, buddha to come--- important political role
Jataka(本生): body of literature that concerning the previous birth of Gautama Buddha, the story of the former life of Shaka during his may reincarnation. Eg:佛祖舍身饲虎, hungry tigress, Nara
Tamamushi Shrine(玉厨虫子), wood with lacquer, portable shrine, fine example of Asuka style, primary reference of the temple reference
Horyuji:法隆寺 one of the seven great temples, serving both as seminary and monastery. Center features: central gate, square.
Nio: guardian dieties
Pagoda:佛塔, inspairded by stupa, the only structure that is specifically Buddhist
Kondo:main structure of temple, however, the building itself Is not usually build for religious purpose
Shosin repository:正仓院 design to store things, Azekura granary form ( replaced Iwakura)
Lectute 4:
Nara and Heian( 奈良与平安时代)
Nara(710-794): high status of Chinese language and development of japanese writing system
Todaji temple 东大寺 in nara
Sutra: record of oral teaching of Shaka
Use of Chinese language
Ashide: Japanese calligraphy, poetic phrases incorporated ornamentally within a more complex image, a complex zone between image and word, which is specifically identity with Japanese
Tenjin :天神, the kami of poetry and scholarship, eg: sugaara michizane, who is excel in Chinese poetry
Major anthologies of Waka( a poetry system that based on syllable verses that used by aristocrats to express their feeling and opinion
Manyoshu: 万叶集 oldest collection of Japanese poetry
Kokinshu: 古今和歌集 collection of Japanese poems of ancient and modern times, an early anthology of waka form of Japanese poetry
Kasen, 诗仙,the pictures of immortal poets
Two famout Kasen
Anriwar no Narihira (在园业平)
Ono no komachi
Ukiyo-e(浮世绘)--- a genre of art that usually produced as woodlock prints
Heian period: consolidation of native and foreign elements into classical Japanese culture and produced major literary works
Mitate(见立绘):Mitate is a literary form of humor employing visual puns.
It is a technique used in ukiyo-e images, as well as in other creative forms, in which many layers of meaning are layered atop one another, often to humorous effect; that is, a technique by which references to historical or fictional events or personages, or ideas, are embedded into images.
Mono no aware(物哀): the pathos of things, it is refered to the awareness of impermanence
Meisho: often define as famous place that have spiritual politico significance of cultural identity. They are canonical, most with specific links to ancient wa and yamato region. It is connected by implication to the emperor, the divine personification of yamato itself. Names are function devices in waka poetry
Yamato-e: 大和绘: it is a painting style that inspaired by tang dynasty painting, it including tsukurie (layered color), hikime kagibana ( line for an eye, hook for a nose) asnd fuinuki yatai ( blown off roof), it is famous in Heian period
Genji Monogatari Emaki: 源氏物语绘卷, earlies extant are fragment fro the kamakura period
Tosa school:土佐派, a school of japanese painting was founded in early muromachi period that devoted to yamato-e
Genji Monogatari:源氏物语, is a classic work of Japanese literature written by noblewoman Murasaki Shikibu in Heian period that about the royal life of Genji and his life
Nanga (南画): a painting style in edo period
Honshu: the main island
The Tales of Ise (伊勢物語 Ise monogatari?) is a Japanese uta monogatari, or collection of waka poems and associated narratives, dating from the Heian period.…...

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