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The first article I read from Businessweek was At P&G, the Innovation Wells Runs Dry which focused on how at P&G the focus has turned from being the innovators of new products to reformulating there products. The OB topic that I felt related to this article the most was the Decision-Making Approach because P&G is in a decision making time in the company. P&G are compromising between how they want to further there company and are choosing to improve their products rather than creating new ones. In decision-making approach companies choose alternatives that meet only their minimum criteria for success rather than seeking an optimal solution.
The second article I read from Businessweek was The 8 Million Garage with a View. In this article I feel the OB topics that related to this article were scientific leadership and Human relations Approach. The reason I feel Scientific leadership is related to the article is because the people living in the house were mostly Harvard and MIT grads. They all worked together to create new products and programs which in my opinion shows Human Relations approach the mixture of different people living in the house and there different ideas led to innovations and new products.
The third article I read was Barclays Gets a Quite Leader for a Change. This article had ethical choices because the old CEO was not making very good decisions for the company so they choose a more reserved and quite CEO even though he had no investment background. In todays age Companies must create a ethically healthy climate for there employees. By creating this environment it shows Barclays wants there employees to behave ethically.
The last Article I read was The Folks Who Brought You Paul Ryan’s Abs. The OB topic I feel that related to this article the most was working in Networked organizations. Team beachBody allows…...

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