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Home to others could mean anything, but to me home is my city in general. I was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. Northeast Baltimore is the area I grew up in and where I still reside. I love everything about it from the friends I grew up with from my child hood to growing up into an adult. When I think of home many things come to mind. I remember times when I was young, I couldn’t wait until summer time came around. That’s the time that everyone was outside from sun up to sun down just partying and having good times. We enjoyed it so much that we decided to make it a traditional thing. Just last summer we had a neighborhood block party. People came from any and every neighborhood in Northeast Baltimore. We had DJ’s playing music, food, drinks, games, and little activities for the kids to enjoy. I remember coming out side for the first time that day, the first thing I could remember was the smell of Mrs. Johnson’s fried chicken that she made every year. She made about twenty baskets of fried chicken and they were big baskets. Next, I remember looking out to the street and just watching everyone socializing, dancing, and laughing. That’s what made my neighborhood a neighborhood because not only were we neighbors, we were also family and we knew how to bring everyone together without having to to deal with any violence going on. I can honestly say that just that one day is all it took to make a difference in the neighborhood. That to me is how home is suppose to be and feel. One where everyone is together as a family getting along and sharing good moments like the one’s we share together every summer. I sure cannot wait until the time comes…...

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