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There are many contradicting stories about the birth of Medusa. Some say that she was the only mortal of the three gorgon sisters that were born to Echidne. In Greek mythology terrible female monsters were referred to as Gorgon. She was at time referred to as the “Serpent Goddess” (Martha Leonard, 2008). Another of the stories refer Medusa to have been born to humans Phorcys and Ceto. But all the stories agree to a fact that Medusa was a gorgon-a female monster. Medusa was not always ugly she was so once so beautiful that even gods got attracted towards her. The stories reveal that Medusa was one of the prettiest girl and was later made ugly and her hairs were turned into snakes. There are different stories depicting how she was made and her hairs turning into serpents. One of the stories goes like this, Medusa was considered the most beautiful girl in the whole of Athens and this fact made Medusa proud. She became proud of her beauty and spoke less just because of her pride and arrogance. Whenever she used to talk to someone it was just about her beauty. She talked about her beauty compared to the natural beauties around the earth and considered them even superior to these natural beauties. Another habit she acquired because of her pride in her sheer beauty was of seeing and admiring her own beauty in the walls, darkened window and in the mirror. Her praises of her own beauty went on and on. One day she the largest to the Goddess Athena there, everyone visiting the temple praised Goddess Athena for inspiring them but Medusa was in some else world. When she saw the sculptures of Goddess Athena she commented that the sculptures would have been much better if they were hers and when she reached altar she commented that the temple is so beautiful and it is a shame it was wasted on Athena. The temple would have much more beautiful and will built a temple more…...

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...carved joints (athletic ideal). Kore/Korai is the female version of the Kouros. Archaic smile, heavy cloth draped over them=peplos, curling/stylized hair, round face. Painted pure white, marble, symmetrical face, body not symmetrical, “Business in the front, party in the back” ! Architecture: Sculpture and architecture are integrated in the pediments of the first Greek temples Temple of Artemis at Corfu (600 BC): Doric order, limestone, story of Medusa being slayed by Perseus on the pediment of the temple, central figure on pediment= medusa, situated in the traditional Archaic pose: bent leg, bent arm, and pinwheel posture to show running or flying. One of medusas children located on either side of her, Pegasus on the left, Chrysaor on the right (this might be because in the archaic period, one distinguished the central figure of the story by displaying his offspring). Perseus shown looking through his shield at medusa, protectors of the temple, Perseus slays two felines located on either side of medusa, they are the protectors of the temple, shows ties with Egypt. The treasury of the Siphnians at Delphi (530 BC) ! The temple of Aphaia at Aegina: Doric, Houses Dying Warrior on east pediment- The first trojan warrior is the theme, shows a number of features that match with the classical theme. Ceramics: Ceramics became very refined. Themes of vase paintings include mythological and sporting events. Two main styles in vase painting: black......

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...and weapons has been represented in all of the visual arts. Throughout our textbook I have interpreted the recurring theme of tools and weapons in the arts. From the opening chapter we examine "Perseus Holding the Head of Medusa" Fig. 0.1 (Sporre 12). His relationship with his weapon appears both proud and protective as he positions his sword away from his body opposite it's target – the head of Medusa. It almost seems as if Perseus has stepped in between a fight amongst two quarreling school children, holding his weapon aside as the innocent party and the head of Medusa as the instigator. And though this piece is anatomically from a distance, a closer look reveals many details were left out; nipples, eyebrows, etc. However, the handle of the sword seems to have an abundant of detail in the decoration. This indicates the artist put considerable thought into this weapons appearance. Later in chapter one, we are reminded that cavemen did not invent the wheel. In "Ashurnasirpal II killing lions" Fig. 1.6 (Sporre 37), the rendering of an early Sumerian chariot clearly highlights the magnificent tool as utilized for transportation. Note the fine lines, the intricate detail on the hub of the wheel, and even detail on the spokes. When taken as a whole, the wheel in this carving is more prominent than the people riding in the chariot. Again, in chapter two, we find another piece where the weapon ends up being the center of focus. It is difficult to tell if any one work of art......

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