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Married Couple?

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Should Couples Live Together Before Married?
As I grew up in my mother house it was instilled in me that you should never live with a man unless you’re married and since that was strongly installed in me that is what I live by
I didn’t have the chance to live together with my husband while we were dating. It was difficult during our first year of marriage. We argued a lot, mostly for reasons like leaving clothes on the floor in the bathroom and not cleaning up after his self. Living together before making our vows would have reassured us about the lifelong commitment and basically letting us see what we were getting are self into. From my own experience, I believe that couples should live together before getting married, so they can start to know each other on a closer, more personal level and also see how compatible they are with each other.
When you live together with your partner you start to know each other on a closer more personal level. For starters you learn what your partner likes and dislikes, I think there’s a lot to find out about your partner and from your partner; and I think the only way to do this is move in together. For example I didn’t know my husband liked to watch porno videos or sleep with the house freezing cold! Believe it or not, its little details like these that can often make or break a relationship.
Second, you learn what kind of bad habits you and your partner have and whether or not you can get rid of them or live with all the bad habits. For example I don’t like it when my husband leaves the toilet seat up or when he leaves his underwear on the floor. I on the other hand don’t like to pick up after others and I sometimes leave hair all over the bathroom.
You also get to learn about the things that your partner does in their sleep. My husband snores, sometimes, all night long. Now he claims that I pass gas while I sleep but I…...

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