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Market Orientation Assessment

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Market Orientation Assessment:
1. Customer Orientation
Information about customer needs and requirements is collected regularly.
There is no statement in the article indicates that Psion has collected information about customer needs and requirements regularly.

Our corporate objective and policies are aimed directly at creating satisfied customers.
Since there is no clear statement in the article whether Psion has collected information about customer needs and requirements regularly, the corporate objective and policies are also not clear if it aimed directly at creating satisfied customer.

Levels of customer satisfaction are regularly assessed and action is taken to improve matters where necessary.
There is no statement in the article indicates that Psion regularly assess level of customer satisfaction and take action to improve matters where necessary.

We put major effort into building stronger relationships with key customers and customer group.
The article did not indicate that Psion put major effort into building stronger relationship with their key customers and customer group.

We recognize the existence of distinct groups or segments in our markets with different needs and we adapt our offering accordingly.
Psion saw that high-end organizer market was being invaded by new generation of smart-phones, those are phones with organizer capabilities built-in. Psion saw this as a market for integrated devices. Psion knew that their product as standalone organizer had a finite lifespan, thus Psion will create a connected device by did a strategic deal with Motorola to penetrate the market for integrated devices.
It shows that Psion recognize the existence of distinct segment in the market with different needs and they create the connected devices to enter it.


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