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1) The__Bronchial tree_______is the intersection at the bottom of the wind pipe where air is diverted to the right and left lung.

2)What can be a major cause of an airway emergency? Tongue

3)How should an unresponsive casualty be positioned? Back

4)What technique should be used to open the airway of a casualty with a suspected neck injury? Jaw thrust

5)What type of lubricant do you want to use for the NPA? Water based

6)If the casualty has a broken jaw, mouth wound or his jaw is slightly closed by spasms, use the_mouth_____to__nose____method.

7.How many lobes are in the right lung? 3

8.A moist sucking or bubbling sound as air moves in and out of a hole in the chest is a sign/symptom of? Sucking chest wound

9.Which is the appropriate treatment for a sucking chest wound? Occlusive dressing

10.Which is the treatment for a tension pneumothorax? Perform needle thoracentesis

11.Which type of hemorrhage is characterized by a steady, even flow, and the blood will be dark red in color? Venous

12.The small battle dressing holds__300_____ml of blood.

13.What is the purpose of a tourniquet? Controls life-threatening extremity hemorrhage

14.What is used to treat a non-life threatening extremity hemorrhage when a pressure dressing is not effective? Quickclot

15.Which organ is the pump of the cardiovascular system? Heart

16.In which class of shock is a patient with a systolic pressure of 80/P? II

17.What is the most important step in treating shock? Treat Life threatening hemorrhage

18.What is the recommended size of a catheter used on a trauma patient? 18

19.If your patient is alert and has both radial pulses, how much IV fluid should be given? None

20.What type of burn is caused by Napalm, Thermite or Magnesium? Thermal

21.What degree of burn involves only the surface of the skin? 1st

22.What is the first step in treating a burn? Stop the burning process

23.Which of the following types of burns would be considered critical needing specialized burn care? Chemical

24.How much water should a casualty drink to treat heat cramps? 1

25.When treating heat exhaustion how much water should the patient drink? 1

26.What must be done as soon as possible to treat heat stroke? Move the casualty to a cool, shady place

27.Where should ice packs be applied in direct cooling of a heat injury? groin, armpits, neck, scalp

28.What type of splint can include vacuum splints, pillows, blankets, cardboard splints, SAM splints and wire ladder splints? Improvised

29.What type of bandage is suspended from the neck to support an upper extremity? Sling

30.What is the first thing a Combat Lifesaver must do prior to splinting? Establish distal pulse

31.Which is the preferred method of splinting a fractured clavicle? Sling & Swath

32.What carry is most commonly used in a hostile environment? Fireman's carry

33.Which CASEVAC priority must have evacuation take place within two hours? Urgent

34.If a patient has palpable radial pulses, the systolic blood pressure is a minimum of_80__.

35.Actively feeling the casualty and inspecting your hands for bleeding is called a blood _scan_____.…...

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