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BSBA-FM 4 January 17, 2014

Educational Tour in Manila
(December 15 – 19, 2013)

Great Fun! Friendship! Expectations! Excitement! These were the words that best describe our 3 days tour. A lot of words could describe what we had in Manila tour and let me have the order of experiences and my reactions to the tour we had.
First day, we went to our first destination. Welcome Manila! Welcome fun! Welcome new learning! Welcome everywhere! That was the first reaction I had when we are about to enter to our first tour. We visited the Luneta Park which signifies that we really reached the center of the Philippines then take some picture souvenirs together with our National Hero to be followed by our next destination in the Philippines National Museum where the displays are almost a century year of stone, metal and chemical ages and etc. remembering the great achievements had by our ancestors that are able to preserved it through the years again we take some picture for remembrance. In our next day, we went to our second destination. Welcome Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas- SPC! When we enter the BSP-SPC, I noticed that the building is highly secured. Our tour guide takes us to a session room where she shows us different videos about the Evolution of Philippine Money and the process of how to make banknotes and making coins. I learned a lot and also the videos were useful since it includes the security features in the new generation. We really had a great time touring the place of BSP, it’s one of my best achievements to enter there and it’s really wonderful. Followed by our next destination which is the House of the Representative that makes me amaze when I saw their hall it’s my pleasure to hear those speeches, hearings, speakers where I could only hear them through TV but that time, it made me feel that I’m also one of the representative and it’s very important…...

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