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CIS2000 Systems Analysis and Design

Chapter One

Analysing the Business Case

Review Questions

* What is information technology, and why is it important to a business?
Ans: Information technology (IT) is a combination of hardware and software products and services that companies use to manage, access, communicate, and share information. More than ever, business success depends on information technology. According to a Department of Commerce report, the IT industry has created a new economy, where advances in hardware, software, and connectivity provide unprecedented benefits to businesses and individuals around the world. * Identify the main components of information systems, and describe the system’s stakeholders?
Ans: An information system has five key components: hardware, software, data, processes, and people. People who have an interest in an information system are called stakeholders. Stakeholder groups include the management group responsible for the system; the users, sometimes called end users, inside and outside the company who will interact with the system; and IT staff members, such as systems analysts, programmers, and network administrators who develop and support the system * Describes five types of information systems, and give an example of each.
Ans: Information systems include enterprise computing systems, transaction processing systems, business support systems, knowledge management systems, and user productivity systems.
Enterprise computing systems support company-wide data management requirements. Airline reservation and credit card billing systems are examples of enterprise computing systems.
Transaction processing (TP) systems process data generated by day-to-day business operations. Examples of TP systems include customer billing, accounts receivable, and warranty claim processing.
Business support…...

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