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Malaysian Studies

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School for General and Foundation Studies

MPW 2133 Malaysian Studies
2011 / 2012

Question Answer Session (Group Presentation)


1. The given task is an integrated approach to enhance the reading and presentation skills for the purpose of increasing students’ general knowledge on current social issues.

2. Students acquire first-hand experience in presenting ideas related to an issue.

3. Students develop team spirit in an effort to perform as best as they could.

4. Students’ gain knowledge of aspects which they have not been exposed to through readings, IT utilization and listening.

Skills Acquired

1. Reading, research and study skills: Internet usage, note taking of relevant materials and usage of the library.

2. Listening and speaking skills: Brainstorming, accepting ang refuting ideas.

3. Writing skills: Writing an article.


1. Students, in groups of four, are required to gather information on a topic chosen from the list given under the following headings:





2. The question and answer session is to last for 30 minutes. Equal weightage to be given to be given to all group members.

3. Presentation should be accompanied by visuals such as aidio-clips, photographs, statistics etc.

4. A written assignment on the same topic should be handed over to the lecturer one week after the presentation.

5. Members of each group will present with one non group member to help to handle the AV equipments. Presentations should be well-rehearsed. Members should be well-attired.

6. The presentation will be carried out in the lecture theatres. Each group has to inform the lecturer concerned two days before the intended presentation.

7. A progress log has to be maintained from the first day of preparation. The…...

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