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Macy's Department Store Case Study

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External Analysis for Macy’s Departmental Stores Inc.


Macy’s Department Stores Incorporated or Macy’s is an American based retail chain of departmental stores. It is currently operating under two brand names the Macy’s and Bloomingdale in over forty five states of America. The company specializes in the range of products including jewelry, furniture, house hold items, footwear, clothing and other related items.It also offers online shipping services to the clients in large numbers of countries. The company currently operates in four business segments including Macy’s,, Bloomingdale’s and (one source, 2011).
The company’s stocks are listed in the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol M (Macy’s Inc, 2011). The current market capital of the company is over thirteen billion US dollars and holds second position while Kohl’s Corporation has over sixteen billion US dollars market capital holding first position in the markets (NYSE:M, 2011).

SWOT Analysis
SWOT Matrix
• Market position
• Business operations
• ecommerce Weaknesses

• Legal issues
• Geographic concentration
• Business expansion
• Expanded product lines
• mergers Threats
• Competition
• Regulations
• Economic conditions

Macy’s Inc. is among the largest retail outlets operating in the United States that deals in the diverse range of products like apparel, households, jewelry etc. The company earned over twenty million US dollars for the year 2010 from its business divisions. The brand name Macy offers over eight hundred departmental stores and future galleries in over forty states of the country while the Bloomingdale’s brand involves over forty departmental stores and home appliances stores in more than twelve states. The company’s stocks are listed in the New York Stock…...

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