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Summer Final Examinations, 2015

ADVT7508 Fundamentals of Advertising
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Summer Semester SAMPLE Final Examinations, 2015

ADVT7508 Fundamentals of Advertising
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Summer Final Examinations, 2015

ADVT7508 Fundamentals of Advertising

PART A – Multiple Choice Questions (1 mark per question = 25 Marks Total)

1. A/an_________is a series of drawings used to present the visual plan or layout of a commercial along with a…...

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... "Heneral Luna" Reaction Paper I first watched the film "Heneral Luna" last summer vacation, my dad insists that we should watch this historical biopic movie beside the fact that we are interested about history, this movie became a trending topic on the internet and it was the philippine entry on "88th academy awards" for "Best Foreign Film". After watching the movie, I can say that this may be the best historical local film that I have ever watched. The movie was so great to the fact that I almost cry while watching how cruel happened, noted that I'm with my family watching. The movie got me and I can't clearly determine what my emotion is, there are parts of the film that I laugh , stunned , cry , and mad. The actors of the film really suits the character that was given to them, the character and acting itself was portrayed very well. I am impressed by the cinematography of the film , the way they show the fight scenes or war scenes. The flashback scene is as good as it is, it was cool to watch but it confused me on the first time I saw it, because there we're no effects that shows the audience that the scene was a flashback. The music of the movie was good and the music was made by the director itself. What captures me and what I like the most about the movie was the script itself. There were cussing lines on the film but they were creative and poetic, beside the fact that Antonio Luna was also a poet. His lines and dialogue made......

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...Immersion Program: Case Analysis (Winter 2011) Luna Pen Key issues The most important issues are that the Luna pen contributes the major sales of Global that reached to one fourth of total sales and Global is ready for a major expansion. It showed that there is already a good base of customers in Asia for the Luna pen, and it would be detrimental if Global were to lose the product. Whereas Luna pen produced a lot of profit to Global, DGG doesn’t want to be in the fountain pen business which weakens their lawsuit. Also, the company doesn’t have any real damages. The lawsuit would be expensive, there is not enough corporate support to pursue a lawsuit, and there is no guarantee that they will not be responsible for the costs of both parties in the lawsuit. A cooperative strategy is the only way DGG and Global can productively do business together. Global cannot do business in the American or Europe without an agreement with DGG. DGG cannot realize a benefit from Luna without an agreement with Global. The negotiation should be agreed on collecting past revenue, collecting future revenue, and selling or licensing the Luna name. An agreement for a percentage of profit will directly influence the compensation DGG receives. However, Mr. Feng will probably not be interested in a relationship unless a mutually beneficial agreement can be arranged. Alternative Strategies There’s a conflict situation showed here, for Erika, she doesn’t have much time to play...

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