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Ratings = Impression (households watching your show)/universe (households
Share = impression / universe (TV’s that were on)

Media Business 

#1 The cost to reach one thousand listeners 
- CPM, cost per mille (1000)
#2 When an affiliate decides not to run a network scheduled program 
- preemption,
#3 Promotions that involve merchandise or services donated by clients in lieu of payment for airtime 
- trade-out
#4 In May, the networks sell their Fall season spots at this annual event 
- upfronts
#5 If networks fail to deliver the projected audience to advertisers, they sometimes provide extra spots called – make good
Radio broadcasters something - morning drive

Media Effects research 

#1 Lasswell's theory of persuasion by direct media effects – magic bullet, media message straight to consumers brain
#2 Opinion leaders help persuade others in this theory 
- two step flow
#3 Emotional state that makes media messages slightly more effective 
- mild fear
#4 Hovland's explanation for why some audiences avoid some messages - 
selective exposure
#5 Propaganda's purpose, according to Lasswell – moralization promote hatred of enemy strengthen ties to allies recruit neutral parties demoralize Television programming 

#1 Declining source of revenue for network affiliates 
- network compensation
#2 When a programmer supports a weak show between two strong ones 
- hammocking
#3 KRON pays a syndicator a small amount of cash and a certain number of advertising spots to show Seinfeld in this increasingly common way to pay for shows 
- barter syndication, Local networks pay 50% for syndication, 50% local advertising
#4 The leader in digital TV news has been: 
#5 Fox Animation Sunday is an example of what strategy? Block programming
Arbitron still uses this method to record listener data in small markets - diary


#1 Nielsen's…...

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