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Anti-discrimination legislation (...) has been in place for over three decades. there has been a growth in number of org with equ and div pol. ... progress

At the same time, however, we have continuing discrimination in the labour market (...) and a lack of equality of opportunity in employement.

"this raises a question"
"there is often disappointment with achievements in terms of substansive outcomes.
Problems in translating equality policy into practice and delivering on outcomes are examined both in terms of difficulties in implementation and weaknesses in much of the prescription.

Equality and div is firmly on management agendas in a number of org

Encourage an organisation to adopt law = "penalty avoidance trough legal compliance sense of social justice or moral responsability key individuals in a org may be motivated by concerns for social justice
In practice, altruistic considerations probably have most effective purchase when operating in combination...
As Humphries and Rubery note (1995: 13), "it is because the costs to firms seem immediate and palpable while the benefits are more distant and less easy to capture that individual initiatives may produce only slow and patchy changes".
Equality initiatives motivated by a search for organizational benefits can lead to the targeting of initiatives to reflect employer needs rather than the needs of the disadvantaged groups" about law "but limitations remain
In term of risk of legal action and the penalties for discrimination the legal compliance threat has been generally weak in the UK. weakens its effectiveness
LIne management is often found to be a site of resistance to equality initiatives and, therefore, the current emphasis on devolving operational personnel activities to line managers, often with greater budgetary autonomy, is not good news for…...

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