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Life's Struggles

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Life Struggle's In our life, struggles are everywhere. Life contains a number of ups and downs that people try to deal with in their own way. Many face the toughest struggles in their everyday lives. Struggles might change who we are or how we look at life in a different perspective. Life is a continual battle, one's pain, challenges, and inspiration helps defeat and overcome their struggle's. Pain is a part of life, people endure pain by being hurt in some way. When life throw's you an unexpected curve ball, many suffer from the experience which can cause lasting affects on a person. Some find their way in life by being confronted with a hopeless situation of grief. People can hit a mental breaking point by being at their lowest point in life and giving up on their stress by changing themselves. Dealing with a loss of a loved one, loosing ones job, or injuring yourself inflicts pain. Although, mental 'scars' last longer then physical scars. By holding onto the lasting memory of a loved one, it gives you more sorrow always thinking about the past times rather than thinking of when you hurt yourself physically. Life gives you many challenges and opportunities to overcome those challenges. There is a different obstacle to conquer each day to get closer to where you want to be. Having challenges only means you want to push yourself to be a better person and feel accomplished. When you go through something difficult it is important to always rebuild yourself from the situation.People feel comforted when they become inspired. It is always important to have support from your friends and family to help you when you're experiencing a rough time in life. There won't be the feeling of being alone when you have people who are there for you. You become more motivated to overcome your struggle when you have people by your side. People feel powerful when they become inspired by…...

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