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“Life’s a Dance, and You Learn as You Go”

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I have been through many events that have led me to the young lady I am today. Nobody is perfect; therefore, while there have been good events, there have also been bad. Whether it was a lesson learned or something dramatic that changed my outlook on life, they have all changed me in some way or another. Significant events such as my parents getting divorced, losing loved ones, and graduating from high school and continuing with my future have made me a stronger individual. It started when I was a young child of my parents getting a divorce. Many kids like me had experienced this. There were thoughts of whom I was going to live with, how it was going to work, and even the thought of having step-parents and siblings. I was so confused and couldn’t quite understand why it was happening and what I was to expect. Although I loved my mom, I was very much a daddy’s girl. When asked whom I would like to live with, it was obvious I chose my dad. There was no arguing or fighting involved, which helped out a lot during the time of this happening. My dad got joint custody of my sister and me and made it to where my mom got us every other weekend. It was definitely a big change, but after awhile it all worked out. After all, who wouldn’t love having two celebrations for each holiday and birthday? It had its ups and downs. I learned that if you got in trouble with dad, run to mom’s house! It was a change, but as I grew older I began to understand why they divorced. My dad got remarried, and being the daddy’s girl that I am, I couldn’t accept the fact that I had to welcome in a new family. It all seemed to happen so fast within the few years that passed. I got accustomed to it eventually, and it has helped me realize that my mom and dad were only trying to do what was best for my sister and me. It’s changed me in a good way to show me that even if things didn’t work out…...

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