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Lucretia Vigil
Topic: Longboarding is better than skateboarding for beginners.
Specific Purpose: At the end of my speech the audience will be able to name 3 reasons why a longboard is the best board for beginners.
I. Have you ever noticed how cool skateboarding always looked? And deep down wished you could at least ride a skateboard without breaking yourself. II. I’m here to tell you about a great solution. To greatly reduce the risk of injury a skateboard guarantees to beginners, I’m going to introduce to you the Longboard. III. 3 Reasons: A. A longboard is much safer than a skateboard because of its design. B. Source of Transportation C. Stress reliever, once it becomes an enjoyable hobby of inspiration.
I. Why is a longboard so much safer than a skateboard? A. The way a longboard is built and designed 1. Longer, wider base making it more stable, safer, and comfortable B. Much heavier than a skateboard 1. Gives it a fluid motion by giving more momentum 2. Rolls farther with a single push 3. Ability to perform big turns, and short-quick carves C. Bigger wheels 1. Much smoother ride over rough areas 2. Absorbs impact from rocks and other junk 3. Won’t biff it on huge cracks in concrete II. Great Source of Transportation compared to a Skateboard A. Skateboards weren’t designed for efficient transportation 1. Designed for crazy tricks 2. Advanced, not for beginners B. Longboards designed for transportation 1. They have speed- the wheels 2. Reliable 3. Safe, fun, and easy. (Cautious person: purchase helmet, etc) C. Personal Experience. *Running late for class.1/3 of walking time III. Enjoyable hobby and Stress reliever A. Stress Reliever 1. Helps to get places: school, class
*Very beneficial when living on college campus 2. Saves you the pain of walking 3. Saves time too B. Once you’ve mastered longboarding 1. It’s enjoyable to go cruise and listen to music 2. Gives you time to clear your head 3. Great thing to teach a friend * bonding experiences C. Great exercise * burn a few pounds *get in better shape
Longboards are safer, easier, and better than skateboards. That’s why they are better for beginners. A. I know it’s safer because I’ve tried both. 1. I fell multiple times on a skateboard and only twice on a longboard since beginning B. My best friend- most uncoordinated person ever- able to do it her first time after gathering up the courage C. Not to mention you look COOL especially when people don’t know difference between longboarding and skateboarding


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