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Leadership & Human Condition: Necessity or Luxury?

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Leadership & the Human Condition: Necessity or Luxury?

MB 520 Self Leadership

For many leaders, as they lead others, they cannot neglect the element of the human condition. Human condition is a phrase often used with respect, the generality of situations humans encounter in interacting with each other and the world. The human condition is composed of all human experiences (i.e. key events, characteristics, situations, etc.) which also can relate to the biological, social, intelligent, realistic, self-aware, responsible, and meaningful being to the existence of human survival. The question is, however, when leaders include the human condition in their leading, is it a luxury or necessity? This can be answered by examining the myths, leadership styles, curiosity, different personalities, and delving deeply into the leader’s self.

Keywords: human condition, being, biological, social, intelligent, realistic, self-awareness, responsible, meaningful, luxury, necessity, myths, styles, curiosity

Leadership & the Human Condition: Necessity or Luxury?

Leaders cannot exclude the element of human condition when leading. Human condition is the generality of situations that humans face in interacting with each other and the world. Human condition is sum of all human experiences and relates different types of beings (i.e. biological, self-aware, realistic, etc.) to the existence of human survival. Is leading by including the human condition a luxury or necessity? By looking at this question from different angles, examining the myths, leadership styles, curiosity, different personalities, and delving deeply into the leader’s self, the question can be answered.

Different Beings
Each individual , as a leader, is unique in that each has “different customs, beliefs, values, and behaviors.” (Instructor Notes, Week 2, p.1). These can make up the human…...

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