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Leadership Communication

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Leadership Communication Skills
BUS 600 – Management Communications with Technology
Dr. Leigh Tonelli
December 9, 2013

Leadership Communication
While some people may assume leadership communication does not have to be led by an effective communicator. , It is essential to know that people that withhold leadership positions in organizations need to have strong effective communication skills that are successful within the organizations that suite their positions. Public health organizations such as health departments have leadership communicators who initially, address issues that reflect the present and future of the organization to other members and staff. This is a detailed duty that needs to ensure a person is a superior communicator (Barrett, 2006). Messages that are given from a leadership perspective reflect values of the organization such as vision, mission, and culture (Barrett, 2006). Leadership communicators also focus on consistency expressed through an organizations values in which they communicate frequently within the organization. People that withhold positions in leadership communication strengthen the values and culture within an organization based on organizational values and the mission of the organization (Barrett, 2006). Leadership without good communication is a setback in many organizations, which is why it’s desired for anyone in leadership communication to have certain traits and characteristics. This essay will depict the traits and characteristics needed for success. I chose this as a topic of interest because; many people are unaware of what leadership communication is and the things that they should be aiming towards to become a more effective communicator. I felt that if this topic was highlighted from a different perspective it would strengthen the communication and/or make people in leadership…...

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