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Leadership Assesment

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Assignment 2: Leadership Assessment
BUS302 - Management Concepts

When an employee enters for the first time at an early stage company, and this company is growing fast that employee has the opportunity to grow with it. Regularly, starting companies have less position in their organizational chart. Therefore, the owner could play the role of a CEO at the time. This easy structure facilitates the promotion of founder employees.
In the early stages of leadership, a leader can be confident of his/her decision-making process, honesty behavior, and energetic attitude. A leader must work proactively to maximize the outcome of his/her leadership style. However, a developing leader might lack of experience, which might decrease his/her effectiveness. It is imperative for a leader to set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely) goals to achieve improve the business performance.
As a leader, in a fast growing company, job-centered leadership is very important. This behavior can organize his subordinates for better performance and efficiency. With intense work the writer has experienced this kind of behavior. In a Financial/Investment Advisor reports such as cash available and macro-exposure for every Client Accounts are crucial for the decision-making process. These reports can take around 4 hours, and because it takes a lot of time to get this important data, the CEO told the employee that he has to figure out a way to do it in less than an hour. The employee spent 2 month taking classes in advance excel, experimenting with MACRO’s and now the employee does these reports in 20 minutes. This behavior improved his employee performance.
Employee-centered leadership is important too, when leaders show concerns with their subordinates, this consideration give its employees job satisfaction, improving their motivation and performance. At MGM Grand…...

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