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Interdependence of the SPEAKING components
1. The relationship between S and other components
The relationship between S and P
The large factory allow the accommodation of great number of audience and cadidates.

The relationship between S and E
The informality contributes to jokes made by MCs for entertainment. Thus, it fulfills the purpose of the audience to kill time by watching the show.

The relationship between S and A
Subject to the low formality, the order of certain parts of speech acts is not fixed. For example, the sequence of talent show, swimsuit show and question and answer session can be arranged randomly.

Moreover, the low formality leads to the fact that not all sessions of show are compulsory to the entirety of this TV program. For example, the session of resurrection of candidates appears only in several years.

However, overall speaking, this event somewhat follows a logical order. It starts with lower order actions and ends with higher order actions. By starting with the introduction of candidates which is followed by shows, voting and finally prize presentation, it allows audience to have a brief understanding of the candidates at the beginning of the show.

In terms of the setting of the event, since the area outside the factory is spacious, its allows the placement of red carpet so that candidates can walk through it to enter the stage at the beginning of the contest.

The relationship between S and K
The event is relatively informal and playful. Thus, It affects the key by constructing hyperactive mood.

The setting of the event is that the audience seats closely to the candidates. Thus, it constructs excitement among the audience.

The relationship between S and I
Since the event is informal, there are laughter, scream, physical touch, KPOP music and PomPom sticks which construct a playful atmosphere.

The relationship between S and N
The low formality allows audience to scream and hit, as well as hitting pompom sticks at any time. There is always simultaneous and impromptu interaction between MCs and audience. MCs can also tease the candidates under this playful atmosphere.

2. The relationship between P and other components
The relationship between P and P
The production team employs celebrities such as Carol Cheng to be the MCs of the TV show.

The relationship between P and E
(Refer to the Ends in SPEAKING component of the event.)

The relationship between P and A
Production team determines the sequence of different sessions (ie. talent show, swimsuit show and question and answer session) of the event.

The relationship between P and K
The powerful controls the key of the event. In this event, the presence of MCs with image of sense of humor creates hyperactive mood among audience.

The relationship between P and I
The presence of candidates leads to the production of instrumentalities such as catalogue and portraits of candidates. MCs make use of scripts; Judges make use of mark sheet and name card; Over-hearers make use of electronic devices to view the live broadcast. The presence of audience results in the presence of tickets, scream and laughter. The presence of production team, on the other hand, is associated with the appearing of black staff jacket and pompom sticks. Invitation card and gown can be related to the presence of celebrities.

The relationship between P and N
MCs and production team regulates the norms of interaction and the turning taking process between MCs and audience and MCs and candidates.

The relationship between P and G
Production team design the kinds of sessions such as talent show and swimsuit show to be launched in the TV show.

3. The relationship between E and other components
The relationship between E and S in order to boosting the rating of its TV program, the setting of this show is broadcasted in prime time.

The relationship between E and P
The ends of production team is to draw public attention on this TV program. Thus, it chooses celebrities to be MCs and performing guests.

The relationship between E and E
The ends of production team to create a hyperactive event results in the hyperactive mood of MCs.

The relationship between E and A
The ends of judges is to choose the winner. Thus, the acting sequence is to view candidates' performance from different sessions first, which is followed by choose the winner.
The ends of production team is to create a hyperactive event. Thus it puts the swimwear session in the middle of the show, which makes the peak of the night.

The relationship between E and K
Production team and MCs make use of the key of being playful to reach theirs ends, which are to draw public's attention to create hyperactive atmosphere respectively.

The relationship between E and I
In order to win the competition and boost their confidence, candidates show their muscles and demonstrate their talent through the use of different objects like piano and basketball. They also use lexical boost when designing the word choice for canvassing.

MCs reach its ends to regulate the flow of flow with the use of their script, tempo and the signals given by the production team. They also create hyperactive atmosphere by making jokes, screaming and touching the candidates. By making use of the grand dressing, MCs also achieve the goal of gaining exposure through this TV show.

Judges accomplishes their goal of choosing the winning by using mark sheets.
Generally, audience reaches their goals by using electronic devices like television, cell phone and tablets if they watch the live broadcast while audience who watches the show in person make use of tickets. In terms of the audiences who want to match the hot topic and taste of peers and friends, they repeat candidates' names, share funny scenes with friends and make screenshots of candidates' embarrassing scenes. Besides, in terms of the celebrities who wants to gain exposure, gathering and make friends, they whisper with others during the show, take note of their grand dress code and informal word choices.

Moreover, production team makes use of the 30 factors mentioned to make their show attractive to the public. They also try to create a new cultural phenomenon by using slogan, creating different sessions of the show and determining the shooting angles of men.

On the other hand, over-hearers also make use of electronic devices like television so as to make some sounds at home.

The relationship between E and N
In order to win the competition, candidates make frequent interactions and avoid talking back to amend their error in the speech.
For the sake of regulating the flow of the TV show, production team directs the pattern of interaction. Thus, they constrain the time allowed for MCs to interact with audience and the candidates.

4. The relationship between A and other components
The relationship between A and S
The show involves swimwear session. Thus, there are water pools and water curtains in its physical setting.

The relationship between A and E
Candidates present sexually attractive posture in order to show off and win in the competition.
MCs tell jokes to reach their goal to create a hyperactive mood. Moreover, they chitchat with celebrities so as to regulate the flow of the show.

The relationship between A and K
In the event, MCs keep telling jokes and candidates show their muscles, which create a hyperactive and playful mood.

The relationship between A and I
MCs introduce and greet with audience and candidates with the use of scripts and cue card. They also interact with audience by making use of word choice and jokes like "Are you ready?".
Candidates show their muscles, which is followed by screaming and pompom sticks used by the audience.
The swimwear session involves the use of swimsuit and water.
Besides, there is laughter and screaming when candidates interact with celebrities.
Moreover, trophies are founded in the prize presentation session

5. The relationship between K and other components
The relationship between K and I
The hyperactive mood of the event leads to the use of playful word choices, laughter, clapping and body movement like jumping.

The relationship between K and N
The hyperactive mood leads to a casual and spontaneous patterns of interaction between different parties, which is not rigid. Audiences are also free to scream.

6. The relationship between I and other components
The relationship between I and S
Jokes, laughter, word choice, physical touch of candidates' body and screaming results in the low formality of the TV show.

The relationship between I and K
Physical touch of candidates' body, screaming and word choice, muscles and candidates, swimsuits and water create a playful mood.

The relationship between I and N
The physical touch of candidates' body make celebrities scream. Besides, after MCs making a speech, audiences make use of their pompom sticks to create sound of clapping.

7. The relationship between N and other components
The relationship between N and K
Both candidates kissing the hands of celebrities and MCs teasing each other leads to screaming from audience. Hence, it creates a hyperactive mood.

The relationship between N and N
The conversation between MCs results in the discussion among audiences and thus leading to an interaction between audience.

8. The relationship between G and other components
The relationship between G and S The involvement of variety show in this event create a low formality. The relationship between G and P The genre of competition requires certain participates like judges, candidates and MCs. On the other hand, variety show needs performing guests and MCs. The relationship between G and E The ends of competition genre is to choose the winner while the ends of variety show is to entertain audience. The relationship between G and A The genre of competition involves the sequence of introduction of candidates, the races and finally prize presentation. On the other hand, the genre of variety show follows the sequence of introducing performing guests and the demonstration of their skills. The relationship between G and K The genre of variety show leads to excitement among members. Thus, it creates a mood of hyperactive. The relationship between G and I The genre of competition needs instrumentalities like score sheet and trophies while jokes, pop music are required in the genre of variety show. The relationship between G and N The genre of variety show involve the interaction between the performing guest and audiences since the guests may call for response from audiences while the audiences shout out from their seats. The relationship between G and G Mixing of 2 genres, which are variety show and competition, is used in this event. By including performing guests in the TV show , it creates a low formality in the genre of competition. Jokes and tease can also be founded in the genre of competition, which should be comparatively formal in nature.…...

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