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Laughter: Greatest Source of Entertainment

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Imagine multiple loud bursts of excitement and joy whenever something silly happens in your presence. This overpowering feeling expressed through sound can brighten any gloomy mood. The pain and sorrow lifted off your long burden list just to give a sense of happiness to the day. The rocking back-and-forth motion along with the breath taking pauses will make you want to stop though it can’t be tamed. You can sometimes like a spinning top just gradually spiraling in a wild manner. People may stop, stare, and question what’s going on but you’re just simply having fun. Laughing, to me, is the greatest source of entertainment with the best benefits.
Laughing keeps you from being depressed. You forget about why you’re even sad. It’s like a dead, dry spirit of sadness being lifted from your body. You can think of laughing as an outlet for you’re bottled up emotions. Stress and tension are magically erased from your mind. Such as drama at school, issues at home all seem to vanish at the moment like time stopping just for you to enjoy the day just once. Even the world’s greatest procrastinator or droopy soul can be fixed with a some old fashion hooting and hollering.
Health fanatics should give laughing a try. Indeed a healthy source of fun and a great addition to your diet. A good chortle exercises certain muscles and the diaphragm. It also brings about the feeling of relaxation like a cozy spa on a rainy day. Laughter practically gives you a mini work out. No wonder sides of the body feel sort of achy and the stomach like a deflated balloon after laughing too much. In addition to it being healthy for you, it protects the heart. You are least likely to have a heart attack or disease if you laugh regularly. I suggest that people grab a funny movie and just cackle away.
Who needs a pain relievers like morphine when the giggles can relieve pain. It distracts the brain…...

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