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A.) 1.
The Host- Stephanie Meyer – Read whole book
Speak- Lauren Halse Anderson - Read 28 pages
Vampire Academy (#1)- Richelle Mead – Read 39 pages
Charlotte’s Web- E.B White- Read whole book 2.
I choose this order because the easiest book I read was Charlotte’s Web so that goes at the bottom. The hardiest one goes at the top. This was in my opinion of how hard the books I read were. 3.
My favorite book was The Host. This was my favorite because it was very interesting and I didn’t know what the author’s next move was going to be. This book made me keep flipping pages and reading.
My second favorite book was Vampire Academy. I love books with mystery and romance. This book was exactly that. Also I’m in love with movies or books with vampires! 4. 878/10 = 87.8 pages per week
I noticed that I read better at home than school. This is because I’m less distracted. B.)
Personally I love reading. Especially when it’s something I’m interested in or about someone I look up too. I love reading romance books. I also like mystery because it’s just very interesting to me and you never know what’s going to happen next. I enjoyed reading in class because it gave us time to relax and not write as much. I learned about myself that I read better when I’m comfortable under my blanket at home than a hard chair at school. I could suggest that you should let the students read outside more because that was fun! C.
1. Yes, I meet my trimester personal goals. I finished two books and started two. My trimester goal was to finish at least one. I had succeeded my goal.
2. A. They were slow at the beginning because I didn’t know what to read and how I would do it. Toward the end my fluency to read with ease and speed increased and I was doing better.
B. My focusing without distraction and raise stamina toward college-level remained the same. I’m always distracted with everything no matter what. That’s why I work best when I’m alone. I like to read things that I like no matter what level either.
C. Building vocabulary has increased towards the end of the year because of the new words you always gave us. The words of the week really did help.
D. Expanding base by reading more and varied works stayed the same because I only really like reading things that interest me.
E. Investing in self by choosing pieces we honestly are interested in stayed the same. I love reading things that interest me and that I have a connection too.
F. Providing a stress relief from cares of life and pressure of school stayed the same. I never let any of that get to me.
3. I will continue to be always reading and me alert in class. I will change the fact that I have to be more organized with my assignments and not lose some! 4. What I want to read next is reread the Twilight saga. I loved that series
D.) Yes, Choice matters. When reading something you’re not interested in or don’t agree with it could be difficult to read and understand. People should deserve a choice when they’re reading. This is because they are more alert and actually willing to read. When it’s something they don’t like they choose not to be interested in it and slack off with the reading.
The other reason why students should pick what they want to read is that they will actually not be talking and annoying you during reading time. When the student likes what they’re reading then they will be quiet and be into it for a good amount of time. This also benefits you because you can have a little break from us.


Reading isn’t everyone’s favorite. To me though, I love it. Whenever I read I’m relaxed and not stressed out. When it comes to reading I’m picky with what I read. I will not read something that doesn’t interest me. I lose interest fast as well. I love having the freedom to choose I book when it comes to reading time in your classroom. Romance and mystery books are my all-time favorite because it makes me keep reading. The Twilight saga is one that fits my interest very well because it fit under the category of romance and mystery. I was so into this series that I finished in a week! Yes, those 4 books I finished in just one week. I also like to finish what I start. Whenever I choose a book and it’s not that great in the beginning I still finish it because if I don’t I feel guilty. Reading in your class was my favorite part; don’t take that away for the future classes please!…...

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