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[Document subtitle] | Public Service Announcement (PSA) Campaign Plan
For: Partex Group |

[Document subtitle] | Public Service Announcement (PSA) Campaign Plan
For: Partex Group |

Course Code & Course Title: MSJ 11345 Created Private Media
Term & Year : Fall 2016

Submitted To : Mohammad Shazzad Hossain
Lecturer, MSJ Department

Submitted By : Muctadir Imam – 131012032 Abdullah All Mamun - 131012056
Sadman Hasan – 131012073

Submission Date: 15th March, 2016

PSA Campaign Proposal

ABC PR Agency

March 15, 2016

Please direct all of your questions or comments at

Contact: 02-9554251
Block: B; Road: 3; House: 73
2 no. Gulshan, Dhaka – 1212

March 15, 2016
The Chairman
Partex Group
74 Bir Uttam A.K. Khandaker Sarak,
Mohakhali C/A, Dhaka - 1212, Bangladesh.
Phone: +8802 8822888
Fax: +880 2 8821888
E-mail: Subject: Proposal for running a PSA campaign for the company
Dear Sir,
With the due respect we are introducing ourselves ABC PR is an integrated agency with offices in Gulshan, driven by 120 creative, smart and sassy brainiest. We have come to know that, this year your company declared five corer taka for CSR. Partex Group wants the whole CSR fund spend run through a PSA campaign. We think, this kind of PSA campaign would be a positive addition to your customer and clients. Also hope that it would be an asset to your company as a whole.
We are very much interested to being with you. According to your budget we make some digital production, telecasting, advertising, scripting…...

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...Mhammad Ridwan Sotto Muhsinul Haque Wasim Md. Shah Ohi Uddin Taim Md. Naushad Alam jainul abedin Md. Ali Hossain Md.Sohag Hossen AMZAD HOSAIN M. Amimul Ehasan Most. Ambia Akhlatun Eastieak Ahammad MUHAMMAD KAWSAR ALOM MD. JAHID HASAN Sahela Nasrin Sayfur Rahman Shohidul Islam Shaik MST. BINA KHATUN MD. GOLZER HOSSAN MD. ZIHADUR RAHMAN Laila Nasrin Kawsir Hossin Mohammad Iqbal Hossain MD.MASUM BILLAH MD. ABDULLAH AL MAMUN Shekh Mahabubul Haque Ahmed Ullah Razzakul Hyder Chowdhur Samsul Arifin Abul Bashar Md. Zahirul Islam Md. Kairuzzaman Md.Nazrul Islam Md. Shahidul Islam RIAZ UDDIN SEPY Kazi Farzana Huq Md. Abdul Aziz Sarker MD. RUHUL AMIN SIDDIQUR RAHMAN Afifor Rahman Md. Rafiqul Islam JOHIRUL ISLAM Abdul Halim Md. Rafiqul Islam ABDUL KUDDUS MOLLA Md. Badiul Alam Md. Asgar Ali MOHAMMAD ABDUL HAKIM MANDA MD. SHAHIDUL ISLAM Md. Shafiqur Rahman Muhammad Hasan Md. Sirajul Islam GOLAM HOSSAIN Md.Abul Hossin Abu Taher Muhammad Badruddoza Md. Kamal Uddin Md. Nurul Alam abdur razzak Md. Mofazzel Hossain Md.Abul Hasem Fakir RAFIQ AHMED M. Abdul Wahab Moral Md. Aftab Uddin Md.Jahangir Hossan MUHAMMAD ELIAS MIAH MD. JAKIR ULLAH Md. Fazlul Haque Rupa Miah Md Abul Hossen Shaik MD. BADAR UDDIN AB. SAMAD MD. MOKHLESUR RAHMAN Md. Moinuddin Nurul Amin Mohammad Abdul Maleque MD.RAKAYET ULLAH HAFEZ AHMAD Shekh Mukshud Ali M.A.Mabud Hyder Ali Chowdhury Md. Hossain Madbar Ayub Ali Abdul Quader Hazi Monohor Ali Md. Shukur Ali Munsi Md. Norul Hoque Md. ALAUDDIN SEPY Kazi Samedul Huq ...

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