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F1 – A Cooke

What are the main roles of these departments & key concerns?
Research and Development:

The main role in the research and development department is the technology that brings new services and products to the market place.


The main roles of the purchasing department are


The main role of the production department is to turn raw materials into finished goods. The production department have to make sure that the quality of each product is up to a high standard so that customers are satisfied.


The marketing department is responsible for finding out the best way to reach their target market when releasing a new product. The marketing


The administration department is responsible for making sure all paper work is done and they are also responsible for organising any deliveries. The administration department will deal will phone calls, sending letters and sending e-mails.


The finance department take control of the expenses in the business. They make sure financial records are maintained. The finance department have to pay bills, wages and salaries.

Human Resources:

The human resources department deals with recruiting people and also

How important is co-ordination between departments and how may it be achieved?

Co-ordination is very important between departments because in a business in order to be organised you will need good co-ordination. Co-ordination makes work a lot easier as everyone in the business will know what is going on. In order to be able to co-ordinate communication is very important with each department. For example the research and development department may have to communicate with the marketing department as they are linked when researching new…...

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