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It has been resolved the club should be called Aggressive Fitness Club

Motto: Yes We Can
ARTICLE 2 – Aims and objectives

Section A. the main aim of the club as the name implies, is to build our bodies healthy and strong

Section B. to improve and promote the development in the Mim Community and its environs so as Ghana large

Section C. to establish and promote cordial relationship among the members, the youth and the entire people in the Mim Community

Section the club’s door is opened to anybody in and around Mim only is he/she can pay dues on his or her own. Below 18, you can only be considered if somebody above 18 guarantees your registration fee and besides these, that person is not supposed to pay any contribution.

Section B it is opened to anybody but if any person want to join, he/ she should appear before the vetting committee where it will be decided whether to accept that person or not.

Section C if a vetting committee accepts the person, he / she is obliged to pay a registration fee of GH¢15.00 which is subject to adjustment should the need arise.

Section D every member if registered should have a membership card and must purchase jogging/ road jersey from the Financial Secretary at the prevailing price.

Section E: if a member is dismissed or voluntarily decided to stop joining the Club, the road jersey should be returned to the executives for half of the price

Section F: membership Identification Card will be issued afterwards at a fee to be decided by the executive.

Section G: a person should be on probation for three months to show a good behavior after which he/she will be confirmed

Section H: whiles on probation, it is obliged to do anything a registered member does but if it is discovered that he/she did not show a good behavior and therefore not confirmed, all monies paid are not refundable and has no legal right against the club.

Section A: it is scheduled that any member is supposed to meet at Zion School Junction near the Mosque on every Sunday dawn at 5:30am for a jogging.

Section B: it is also agreed that, a general meeting should be conducted monthly and this should be on the first Sunday of every month at exactly 2:30pm at our meeting place.

Section C: the executives should meet before the general meeting to discuss agenda for the general meeting least once.

Section D: as a meeting, no member can talk without the permission from the porter except the chairman and his vice.

Section E: any member who comes late in any of our meeting would pay a lateness fee of GH¢0.50.

Section F: meeting can start when one-half of the executives including either the Chairman or the Vice or both are present.

Section A: all the Club’s registered members are obliged to pay a monthly dues of GH¢2.00 to steer the affairs of the Club. This is subject to amendment.

Section B: a special contribution would be collected if the Executives find it necessary. Should the need arise for a specific project or program.

Section C: if contribution is made for a specific project/program, every member is supposed to pay the same whether that person takes part or not.

Section D: donations from within and outside the club.


Section A: the Club would extend and welcome invitations to and from any Club for entertainments like Football, volleyball, etc. to interact with other social club.

Section B: the club can also organize indoor games among themselves.

Section C: every member is obliged to contribute towards entertainment whether he/she takes part or not.

Section D: all members should be in the club’s prescribed attire in our any gathering

Section E: the Executives can appoint a member to handle this entertainment as a coach

Section F: no member should take in any alcoholic beverages or smoke during our entertainment.

Section G: no registered member should be involved in any entertainments to avoid riks.

Section A: the Treasurer and the Financial Secretary are to present their accounts to the executives at the end of every six months.

Section B: the Executives would also present the accounts to the general members at the end of the year.

Section C: the Club’s monies should be saved at a recognized bank

Section D: the signatories to the Club’s account shall be the chairman, Financial Secretary and the Treasurer.


Section A: the Executives would appoint the Board of Directors. Some Board members can be chosen from outside the Club

Section B: the Executives can also appoint from themselves and the members for the following committees: * Disciplinary Committee * Welfare committee * Vetting committee * Accounts committee * Audit committee

Section C: the Executives can also appoint a member to join the excutive meeting when necessary.

Section A: it is the Club desire to organize a communal labour at least once in a month to sanitize the community.

Section B: the Club would respond to any organized communal labour by the community should it be invited.

The executive comprises the following positions: 1. Chairman and Vice 2. Secretary 3. Treasurer 4. Financial Secretary 5. Organizers 6. Woman organizers 7. Sports Co-ordinator 8. Public relation Officer(Pro) 9. Chaplain 10. Porter


Section A: the services of the executives would last for 1 year after which elections would be conducted. However if the elections are not held at the end of the 1st year, the sitting executives would act until the election is conducted.

Section B: any member can contest for any position provided the person has served the club for at least one (1) year

Section C: a member cannot contest for a post if he/she has served for suspension in the same year of election.

Section D: a member cannot contest for any position if he/she owes the Club.

Every member should understand the rules and regulations governing this Club before he/she signs the entrance Form. Once you sign the form it means you have agreed to comply with the Club’s by laws. If you go against the law and you are sanctioned, under no circumstance you can take the Club to court.


Section A: every member should dress in a black jogging with a top red T shirt and a pair of canvas sports shoe or any prescribed attire for specific function.

Section B: no member should wear any unauthorized dress like singlet, jeans, sandal etc. to our Sunday morning jogging.

Section C: no member should wear any of the Club’s attire for any purpose without the authority from the executive.

Section A: an executive member would be suspended or dismissed due to the magnitude of the issue when found corrupt, inefficient or negligence of duty.

Section B: if members pass vote of no confidence in any executive member, and if it is found to be tangible, his/her post would be withdrawn and proper handing over should be done

Section C: any member who refuses to attend any scheduled meeting without permission would pay GH¢0.50

Section D: any member found late in our any gathering would pay a lateness fees of Gh¢0.50

Section E: a member would be warned for the first time and second time dismissed if found revealing any secret in the Club to outsiders.

Section F: a member could be fined/suspended/dismissed if found quarreling or shown disrespect to any member or executive.


Section G: the executives have every right to drive away any member found drunk or smoke in our any gathering. Afterwards, the Executive could sanction that person

Section H: any member to attend meetings for three (3) consecutive times would count him/ herself out of the Club

Section I: any member who uses the club’s name to treat or cheat any outsider unlawfully would be dismissed.

Section J: a member would be automatically dismissed for committing any offence after he/she has served two suspension terms

Section K: once the Club is a Keep Fit, any member (either executives or ordinary) is obliged to attend the Sunday’s morning Jogging. Failure to attend for one (1) month without written notice will lead to the dismissal for that person.

Section L: a member would automatically dismiss him/herself if he/she owes the Club more than three (3) months dues/special contribution.

Section M: the Club is financed with the monthly dues and other levies so if a member is found to be irregular in these payments, the executives have the right to dismiss the person. Note that all monies paid before are not refundable and no legal action against the Club.

Section N: any member found in the club’s attire two hours after Club’s any gathering would either be fined/suspend or both

Section O: if a member is found in a dress contrary to the Club’s prescribed dressing, that member would be either fined/suspended or both.

Section P: if a member is found in the club’s prescribed attire for his/her own purpose, he/she will be fined/suspended or both.

Section Q: in short, any member (either executive or ordinary) found doing anything contrary to the rules and regulations governing this Club would be fined, suspended or dismissed due to magnitude of the offence.


Section A: any member is entitled to the following benefits except the following: * When the member in question is on suspension * When the member in question owes the Club more than three (3) months. * When the member in question in under probation period of six (6) months.

Section B: when a member dies, the spouse and children (if any) would receive donation of GH¢300.00 if the deceased is not married and does not have a child, the donation go to the bereaved family.

Section C: if a member’s spouse (who is not a member of the Club) dies, that member is entitled to GH¢250.00

Section D: a member would receive GH¢200.00 when any parents dies and GHc30.00 to the bereaved family. GHc20.00 would be paid to the family during the one (1) week celebration.

Section E: if a member is sick and hospitalized the club would pay visit and buy one crate of egg, one pack of milo, one cup of sugar and 2 tins of milk.

Section F: a member is entitled to below benefits should his/her child dies (maximum of three children) * From birth to 5 years – GHc50.00 * If brother or sister dies GHc50.00 * GHc70.00 for parents

Section G: if a member is involved in social activities like engagement and wedding that person is entitled to GHc250.00.

Section H: if a member is transferred or gone for good that person is entitled to GHc200.00 and he/she is ceased to be a member. This shall be enjoyed by such members who have not benefited in any way since joining the Club for a period not less than two (2) years.

Section I: no member is entitled to any a benefit or whatsoever other than those stated above.

Section J: the amount to be paid as benefit could be reviewed by the executive should the need arises.

Section K: if you voluntarily resign less than two years after having received the benefits, you will have to refund half of the benefits given to you.

Section L: for members below 18years if they are bereaved, half of the benefit would be paid to them since they do not make any contribution.

The club is no-political. It has no political or religious affiliation. Any member seen or heard using the club’s name for any political or religious assignment would be summarily dismissed.

Section a: part of this constitution and by-laws may be amended upon a decision taken by two-thirds (2/3) of executive members present at a meeting called for such purpose and voted. A notice should be given at least two (2) weeks prior to the date of such meeting.

Section B: it is only when either the chairman or the vice chairman is present before any part of the constitution can be amended. If all the executives are present but the chairman and his vice are absent, no amendments can be made.

Section C: the executives can amend the constitution but should discuss with the general body, voted and accepted by the majority of members present before it can be put in force.

………………………………………. ………………………………………

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