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Kaplan University Cm 107-84 College Composition 1

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“Crossing the Threshold” Unit 3 assignment
Eugene (Tazz) Hammond
Kaplan University CM 107-84 College Composition 1
My definition of courage is: Having the ability to perform under stressful and extreme situations that requires you to place yourself and safety to the side while assisting or standing up for people in an undesirable situation and there as a necessity and not fame. I also feel that with that said courage is also standing for your moral beliefs even when tested. I look at courage as something that is a must so that when you do cross the threshold you will have the ability to successful in your mission. William Crawford a janitor at West Point Military Academy is such a person, I believe that on the morning of September 13, 1943 Mr. Crawford like anyone else in war was not thinking about courage but was scared for his brother in arms and his own safety. Like most Hero’s Mr. Crawford displayed his courage at the split second he decided to rush the 3 fortified machinegun nests and single handedly saving his entire unit, earning him the Congressional Medal of Honor. When the cadets at West Point discovered that their janitor was the recipient this prestigious award it changed their entire outlook of this very quiet and reserved gentleman. When Col. James Moschat asked (12 Operation Group Commander/A Janitors Ten Lessons in Leadership) asked Mr. Crawford why he had said anything or shared his story, Mr. Crawford replied “That was one day in my life and it happened a long time ago”. It is obvious that he had to show courage to complete this act or bravery for his fellow man during this one particular battle. I looked beyond that day in history and was far more impressed on how Mr. Crawford expressed what he did as a single day in his long life. Mr. Crawford actions and disposition is what I believe makes a true Hero. They have the courage to take that journey that they may not return from for the things they believe in, but they are also humbled by the experience and do not need or desire to seek the fame or fortune for their actions.
References: crawford10lessons.html…...

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