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ljkAcct 420 – Fall 2012
Microsoft Dynamics GP Exercises

This handout, divided into six (6) sections, is designed to apply course concepts using a system with either sample data or actual company data. While there will be some class time to complete the exercises, time outside of class will also be required.

The six (6) sections are: A. Application Controls – Input Validation Checks B. Security, Access, and Monitoring C. FABRIKAM COMPANY: Customers, sales, cash collection D. JEWELRY IMPORTERS – Customer search/information and trial balance accounts E. FABRIKAM EXERCISES: GP and data modeling F. Updating the System

A. Application Controls – Input Validation Checks

I. For each numbered control, enter the letter of the item that best describes that control. | CONTROL | Letter | | | DESCRIPTION | 1 | Automatic computation | K | | A | Enter an ID number in a field and the ID’s description is brought forth (i.e., customer ID number pulls customer name to customer name field in sales invoice window) | 2 | Capacity test | H | | B | Ensures that all critical fields in an input screen have a value. | 3 | Closed loop verification | A | | C | Tests for whether appropriate type of data are entered in a field, i.e., numbers (numeric test) or letters (alpha test) | 4 | Completeness test | B | | D | Exams field to determine appropriate sign, positive or negative. | 5 | Default values | J | | E | Checks that field is valid in relation to a pre-existing list of acceptable values, i.e., a vendor number corresponds to an actual vendor. | 6 | Field check | C | | G | Checks that a value entered into a field does not exceed a certain amount. | 7 | Formatted input | I | | H | Limits the number of digits to the number that will fit in the field. | 8 | Limit test | G | | I | Sets field properties, e.g., dollar signs,…...

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