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Name: Arundhati Sarkar
Course: Introduction to Ethics
Professor: Avani Sabade
Date of Submission: 9th February, 2016

1. Ed, Erin's supervisor permits her to explore and investigate the case. By doing this, not just does the legal advisor open himself up to a more noteworthy probability for blunder, yet he likewise conceivably permits himself to be subjected to expert behavior infringement through the demonstrations of his workers. From a Teleological viewpoint, the results were moral as the result was effective as profited the reason as it were. 2. Erin shares in some oppressive or threatening conduct while in her office. She routinely spooks the legitimate aide at the law office. She additionally utilizes some foul dialect and yelling, which made somewhat of a threatening situation at work. According to the Deontological viewpoint, this conduct of Erin is not dishonest as her hardheaded conduct is her unimportant identity as she needs her way through and does not need any issues while she works. Her aim is not to make issues, rather to simply complete her work. Be that as it may, from an Utilitarian point of view her conduct is untrustworthy as it makes superfluous inconvenience and a threatening and beset conduct at work. 3. Erin's clothing standard and clothing is improper as per the convention of her workplace. According to the Deontological point of view, her method for dressing is not unscrupulous since her aim is not to over-appear or make anyone "uncomfortable". She dresses the way she does, simply because that is how she is. 4. Erin harassers her manager keeping in mind the end goal to land a position as his secretary in his law office. So as to gain as a profession, she constrains her way through the law office effectively and lands the position of his secretary. So from the Teleological viewpoint, the results of her landing the…...

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