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` In the town of East Ville there is a debate going on between, Tom Green and Jessica Ramirez. Jessica Ramirez believes that the whole restorations of the old building should not happen. She claims that it would be better if the town of east Ville had a park instead of wasting money on restoring building. Jessica Ramirez replies to the citizens of east Ville that, “the restorations of these three building will not be cheap; it might be a million-dollar budget could easily turn into a two-million-dollar debt.” Tom Green believes different than Jessica, he believes that the buildings, if restored, will attract tourists and bring more taxes dollars to the city. Tom Green replies to the citizens that, “easts Ville has been known for its quaint and charming houses and shops and for the beautiful countryside surroundings them, the promise of a park will do nothing to make up for the loss of the local architectural style.

Jessica Ramirez does not believe that Toms Green’s idea is best for the town. Jessica thinks that the restoration of the buildings will cost a lot of money, and but “could turn into two-million-dollar debt.” The restorations will be expensive but it would attract more tourist to see new building and also the tax money would come back to the city of east Ville. Unlike if there was a park they wouldn’t get any money back what so ever while creating the park. Jessica and the city would waste money on buying swing sets, seeds, benches, picnic tables and more. The park wouldn’t raise any money so therefore they could never make back the money they wasted.

Tom Green has a different idea then Jessica Ramirez. He believes that restoration of the buildings would be better than building a park. Tom Green thinks if the keep the building it would put east Ville on the map and will attract more tourists. Tom Green…...

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