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Hierarchy is followed up there in the company as such as
Work status

So the tools which are mentioned above have a brief description about the employee as with the various tools the records to various status can come forward and judgement can be done.
As employee progresss
Can be judged out as 1. Employee id
As this is an identification of individual which is being evolved around the company from the first day till the last day as such it’s a various keys to many factors to get evolved. 2. Time in and Time out.
The time which u check in and goes out with check out the full survey and the records it s being stored out which let the judgment to get in progress about the work to get competed out with in various department u worked .

3. Module working
As the department the employee working and kept to shift from various department to department as this gives out employee on continuously basis mapping and can be figure out in emergency.

Map:- USER ID ----------------------------MATCH---------------------------------------HR
As such in the software we have a eye on various activities such as we have


HR :-
With the new employee to join the organisation have a various factors to go and have to kep up the records which the process have to be complete out


The task to have a new employee get into the organisation have a many process to figure out and then to have a process out mass selection a few get absorbed. 1. Many phone calls are made so that the eligible employee are get into the selection process. 2. Data search as bunch of many data have to search out many resumes as like online resumes, emails, phone calls etc. 3. Performance as one of the most important to finalised out and then get the absorbed out. CALCULATIONS:- 1. The employee as being hired up
As then due to some reason the hired employee doesn’t turn up and make out the default case after the month. As such then by the help of the software the automatically option available is the make the employee password and user id invalid as such with message displayed out NOT IN PROGRESS.

No survey required to have a eye for the defaulter.

2. In case he is on other projects or out of organisation for projects.
In this case the employee has a net service to accesss from outside the organisation in case of various time needed out to move on various projects. As in this EP
Provide the message for the uppar level of the organisation as such the particular employee is out for the work.



it’s a ERP as a enterprises resource planning.





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