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Networking Final Study Guide

1. What is a up-link port? Allows the connection of hub to hub or switch without having to use a special cable

2. What is the max cable length for Cat 5E/6? 100 meters

3. Link lights on hub or switch represent. Indicates that the transmit and receive pairs are properly aligned

4. Link lights on NIC. Same as above

5. Echo request. Part of the ICMP protocol that request a reply from a computer

6. How do you display MAC address/find out MAC address? Ip/config/all

7. Max length of horizontal cable that you can use? 90 meters

8. How does Network Admin check for connectivity? Ping

9. What is campus area network? A collection of two or more interconnected LAN's in a limited geographic area

10. Difference between fast Ethernet and gigabit Ethernet? 100Mbps and 1000Mbps

11. What is bottlenecking? Another term for network congestion

12. CIDR notation. IP address is represented as A.B.C.D /n, where "/n" is called the IP prefix or network prefix. The IP prefix identifies the number of significant bits used to identify a network

13. 3 packet handshake deal for TCP? SYN, SYN ACK, ACK

14. Who assigns IP address? Network Admin

15. What is the connection called from router to pc?

16. What is help command for Cisco IOS? ?

17. What does AUI stand for? Attachment unit interface, the port is a routers 10 Mbps Ethernet port

18. What is interface called to connect a router to a LAN? Network Interface Card

19. How do you connect router to a WAN? Serial Interface

20. Which needs clocking, DTE or DCE? DCE

21. Purpose of gateway? Describes the networking device that enables hosts in a LAN to connect to networks (and hosts) outside the LAN.

22. What is command to copy the running configs into spot up config? copy run start

23. Admin…...

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