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Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait

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Iraqi Invasion

Victor Hugo said “One resists the invasion of armies,one does not resist the invasion of ideas.”
All the Arab countries used to call Kuwait “the pearl of the Arabian Gulf” and others refers to it as “The Gulf Paris”, but after the gulf war, Kuwait has changed! Kuwait lost so many people, the economy was totally destroyed, and the environment was polluted.
During the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990, we lost so many people. Saddam Hussian’s army captured and killed anyone that said that Kuwait was a free country and was independent from Iraq. People tried for a peaceful demonstration to refuse the Iraqi invasion of their country; however they were also either killed or taken hostage by Sadam’s Army. Kuwait had more than six hundred and fifty prisoners of war and more than nine hundred people got killed by the Iraqi army.
The second horrible effect is that the Iraqi army destroyed the whole economy of Kuwait. If they noticed that some Kuwaiti policemen or soldiers were hiding in some houses they would go and immediately burn down the house. Furthermore, they took all the medical equipment form all the hospitals and even the medicines. Moreover, the Iraqi army destroyed schools, business, major buildings and banks as well.
The most thing is really effect Kuwait government is Kuwaiti oil fields fire . The Kuwaiti oil fields were set on fire by the Iraqi military forces setting fire to more than seven hundred oil wells. Kuwaiti people could not see the sun during day time. The sky was all covered with black smoke which was also seen in parts of India and Japan. The drinking water was also damaged, the Iraqi army intentionally pumped six thousands barrel of oil in one signal day. The result was devastating . More than one hundred and thirty spot of oil on the Kuwaiti sea. Finally, Kuwait oil fires caused lots of respiratory problems for so many Kuwaitis.
Indeed, drought the Iraqi attack on Kuwait in 1990 lots of effects in many different ways such as the loss of so many innocent lives for , the damaged economy and the environmental effects due to the burning of the oil wells. For sure, ever since the liberation of Kuwait by the US army and world coalitions ,Kuwait has managed to overcome the difficulties and shine again to be the pearl of the Arabian gulf.…...

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